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Paper Cutting Donkey



I was delighted to receive this framed hand calved papercut.  It actually moved me to tears.   The passage reads:

There's two to wash

two to dry

There's two to argue

two who cry

There's two to kiss

two to hug

And best of all

 there's two to love

My twin boys names are included on the paper cut.  The whole thing is on a lovely blue background and framed in a beautiful white frame.  The design is well thought out. 

So much time and effort has clearly gone in to this item.  It would make a special and unique gift for someone in your life. 

Paper Cutting Donkey also do other designs including a beautiful First Christmas design.

The framed paper cut I received costs £15.00 including UK P & P.  I would recommend this and their other items to others and hope to buy some other designs as gifts in the near future.

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