Oxo Tot Fork and Spoon Review

Oxo Tot Fork & Spoon Set

Reviewed by Katie Grainger

The Packaging
I was very Impressed with the packaging, it looked good and you could clearly see the product, and key points about the product were clearly displayed.

I really liked the way it opened with the pull-tab, very easy to open and no scissors required.

The Product
On opening the set, I could tell the quality straight away they were very sturdy, compared to others I had previously used. The design is modern and colourful, and they are a good size. The idea of it just being a fork and spoon is great, as there is no need for a knife for small children.  The chunkier handles looked easy to grip and they have a rubber strip down the handle to stop them sliding into bowls etc, really good idea. The forks edges were nice and smooth, which is essential with a toddler. Both the Fork and spoon had deeper curves in them, to keep the food on them easier. I was really looking forward to using them as I have a 16 month old who prefers to use his hands whilst eating, instead of cutlery.

When I handed them to my son with his meal he held them comfortably, and managed to scoop up his food with both the fork and spoon very easily. He still uses his hands, but not half as much as he had done previously. I was really impressed that this particular product had made a difference to my sons eating, even after the first use. He is a lot more independent when eating now. When using a bowl, both the fork and spoon didn’t slip into the food as the grips on the handle kept them in place, so less chance of mess.

The only slight negative I have is that the rubber part on the handles, does tend to stain off brightly coloured foods, But it doesn’t affect the use at all.

I was very ha]ppy with this product, and we will definitely keep using them. I have already recommended them to a couple of friends who have toddlers of a similar age, as I think the design is great and really helps them when they first start using cutlery.

Rating: 4/5

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