OXO Good Grips POP Container Range Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

Household and kitchen storage is rarely considered ‘quirky’ – in fact I actively prefer simple and understated, yet functional to cool and funky yet less practical. When it comes to kitchen stuff, it seems like you do very often have to choose, because style or function don’t seem to come together. Of course, quirky doesn’t have to only mean how something looks – it can also relate to how it works or clever and unusual design features that make using the product easier or more enjoyable.

OXO have always been brilliant at making their products user-friendly. My absolute favourite item in my kitchen is my Good Grips tin opener, which functions better than any tip opener I have ever used before and simply never lets me down. I have lost count of how many people I have recommended them to, and even the number of them I have bought as housewarming presents. The tin opener, on the face of it, looks like every other tin opener you have ever used before, yet it is different and as you use it, you notice all of the little ‘differences’ rather than the ‘sames’.

And after being asked to try out another OXO Good Grips product, it seems like they have struck gold yet again – this time with their POP range of storage. The POP range is a modular range of kitchen storage containing an enormous array of airtight, plastic food storage options. The POP name comes from the range’s cool design feature – the lid. The lids of all of the containers in this range feature a pop-able button on the lid – a large circular nodule that when popped up acts as a handle. The act of popping the button down engages the airtight seal of the lid, and once it is popped down, creates a flat lid so another product from the range can then sit on top.

We were sent four of the containers to try out – a large 2.6 litre big square container, a 1 litre small square container, a 3.5 litre tall rectangle and a 2.6 litre medium rectangle. This was a great selection of some of the different sizes, and we have found that they are an ideal size for different things in the kitchen.

We have been using the large 2.6 litre big square (RRP: £14) for storing rice, and because it has such a wide top, it is ideal for this. We have been able to get lots of rice into it (we go through loads in our house, so I buy it in big sacks from the warehouse), and I no longer feel that I am constantly replenishing it like it did with the one we used to have. You can also get an OXO POP scoops to go with this range which would be ideal for using with rice – these scoops even attach to the inside of the POP lids, which I think is incredibly handy.

The 3.5 litre tall rectangle container (RRP: £15) is perfect for storing spaghetti and linguini and we have been using the 1 litre Small Square Short for sugar (RRP: £12), whilst the 2.6 litre medium rectangle (RRP: £14) is perfect for storing my coffee and sits very happily next to the coffee machine. The quality of these containers is excellent, as has every single OXO product I have ever owned. The containers themselves are made from thick BPA free plastic and have all of the thoughtful little touches I have come to expect from OXO. They all have a clear fill line etched into the plastic and all of the corners of the containers are rounded which makes them much easier to keep clean if you are old-school like me and don’t have a dishwasher. If, however, you do have one, you can wash both the containers and the lids can safely be dish-washed (you will have to follow the simple instructions to disassemble the lid before washing).

The sizes of the containers have been really carefully thought out to ensure stack-ability across the range, which is a great design touch. It means that I can stack my coffee with my sugar and could get myself another one of the tea bags to add to the range later.

I particularly love how the POP lids act to create the airtight seal. It means that there is not a constant seal there, and you can engage and disengage it as you are cooking. This doesn’t sound like much, but it means the whole system needs only one free hand to operate. Un-popping the button disengages the seal and creates a little handle, so you can easily and single-handedly take the lid off before replacing the lid and re-engaging the seal again. There’s no have to use one hand to hold the container still whilst the other hand waggles the top off. It really is the little built-in design features like that that make OXO stuff as good as it is.

We love our POP storage. I know it’s not quirky in the traditional sense, but the little quirky design features that it does have make it a cinch to use and I absolutely love the whole thing. I will certainly be buying more from the range – the coffee scoop and half-cup scoop are next on my list and I also love the look of the POP cookie jar. It washes up perfectly and there is not a scratch in sight on the clear plastic, which is always great as scratched containers look awful on the worktop and aren’t hygienic.

I don’t hesitate to rate this at 5/5 on all fronts – design, quality, looks and function; it’s another winner from OXO and would be a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit www.oxouk.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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