OXO Good Grips Cookie Press Review


Reviewed by Rachel Osbourne

I was very excited when the OXO Cookie Press was delivered and couldn’t wait to get baking. Unfortunately I had promised my daughters they could help, so I had to wait, rather impatiently, for them to get home from school.

The cookie press was nicely presented in its packaging, you could see exactly what you got inside, which was the press, 12 disks, a storage case for the disks, and an instruction booklet. Down the side of the box, it showed what shape cookie each of the 12 different disks would make.

The instruction booklet was excellent, with very clear illustrated directions, three different recipes, and pictures of the cookies which are made by each disk.

We decided to try the butter cookie recipe, and the chocolate shortbread cookie recipe, but as each of these makes about 12 dozen cookies, we decided to halve the amount of each. The dough itself was very easy to make, and I’m sure you could use any soft cookie dough recipe you wanted. I will definitely be experimenting, although the recipes I tried which were provided are very nice.

Assembling the press was straightforward, and filling with the dough was very easy, as the opening of the tube is quite wide, so there was no fiddling. As explained in the instructions, you need to pump the press a couple of times until the dough is being pressed out evenly, then away you go! Because you place the press flat on your tray, the cookies cannot be placed too close together. I was amazed how quick and easy it was to press out the cookies, and how perfect each one looked. When you got right to the end of the dough in the press, I found the last couple of cookies didn’t detach from the press so easily, but it wasn’t a problem as I just gave them a little nudge and they came off. The press felt very solid and well made, the disks, being made of stainless steel, will also last and there was a good variety of designs included. If 12 designs isn’t enough, Oxo make other sets which you can purchase separately.


The cookies produced are quite small, but it’s the perfect excuse to have 2 or 3! It is so much easier than rolling out and cutting out shapes over and over again. It is incredibly easy to use, perfect for when the kids want to help. A lot less mess and they can use it independently, which they love.

I would definitely recommend this cookie press set. It isn’t the cheapest, but you can see and feel that you’re paying for a very good quality product, and it is definitely worth every penny. I can see that we will be using this product regularly for many years to come.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £26

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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