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Oxford Rye Organic Vodka Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

My husband and I are not beer or wine drinkers. But we do like to enjoy spirits as a weekend treat, usually opting for different gins, vodkas and whisky. We love to sample different flavours and brands. So we were excited to be sent Oxford Rye Organic Vodka to try this week from The Oxford Artisan Distillery.

Firstly, I have to say I was impressed with how well the bottle was packaged. It arrived in a well padded cardboard box and contained a leaflet with information about both the drink and the distillery which I found interesting and a nice added touch. The vodka is presented in a beautiful wax dipped 70cl bottle with a simple, stylish label design. It is 40% ABV.

The Oxford Artisan Distillery was the first distillery in Oxford. They produce a range of spirits. It is one of Britain’s very few ‘grain-to-glass’ distilleries which means that they grow and distil their own grain rather than buying it in. The distillery is also unique as they use ancient heritage grains that were commonly used until the late 19th century. These grains are grown in genetically diverse fields within fifty miles of Oxford using a practice called regenerative farming which is a step on from simply being organic. No pesticides or herbicides are used and the farmers embrace gentler methods of land management such as using clover to suppress weeds. This boosts biodiversity contributing to an abundance of wildflowers, insects and birds.

Considering all this it’s no surprise that the Oxford Rye Organic Vodka, the first vodka they have produced, is a double gold medal winner. The drink is distilled in ‘Nautilus’ one of two magnificent Steampunk style stills. After a first sip we then enjoyed the vodka with our favourite slim tonic and lots of ice which made it a refreshing drink to enjoy in the sun. It is recommended to enjoy it at room temperature or chilled as a sipping vodka. Whichever way you decide to appreciate this spirit, the taste is delicious and unlike any vodka we’ve previously tried. It is smooth and creamy and has a hint of spice to the flavour which we read is due to it being filtered through coconut shell charcoal. Very unusual!

An absolutely beautiful bottle of drink both in appearance and taste. Certainly an ideal Father’s Day present to treat the Father figure in your life to a luxury gift. Retailing at £34.95 it is also very good value for money.

The Oxford Artisan Distillery’s other drinks also include Oxford Rye Whisky and Oxford Rye Organic Dry Gin. Their drinks are stocked by Master of Malt, 31 Dover and The Whisky Exchange. Protrudes can also be purchased directly from their online shop.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.95

The Oxford Rye Organic Vodka is available to purchase directly from The Oxford Artisan Distillery here.

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