Outback Organics Bush Balm Review

Bush Balm
Outback Organics

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

The Packaging:
The sample of Bush Balm came in a small snap and squeeze sample slip. On the front of the sample is a branch, the Outback Organics logo and the name of the product. Underneath the name, Bush Balm, it names the range that the Bush Balm comes from. In this case it is the Outback Organics botanical range.

The Product:
Bush Balm contains cucumber, aloe vera and frankincense extract to calm, cool and sooth immediately after intimate waxing. Bush Balm is fragrance free, non greasy and intensely moisturising for both men and women.

I used Bush Balm immediately after a bikini wax which had left my skin red, sore and looking like a freshly plucked chicken but as soon as I applied the Bush Balm I could feel it cooling the area which made me feel a lot more comfortable. The Bush Balm was quick and simple to apply and was easily absorbed by my skin. Some products I have previously used have felt incredibly greasy and not been easy to rub in which has blocked my pores and caused more irritation for a longer period of time.

After a couple of hours, the redness and skin irritation disappeared which really impressed me as my usual product can take up to 48 hours to bring the area back to normal and the Bush Balm left my skin feeling exceptionally soft and smooth so you would never have known I’d waxed.

Bush Balm is exactly what it claims to be – a quality product that takes away that ‘just waxed’ feeling, redness and irritation very quickly.

From now on, whenever I have a bikini wax I will definitely be using Bush Balm on the area as I’m truly impressed with how I could feel it working from the moment I applied it to my skin and how quickly it reduced the after effects of waxing.

I’m often dubious about new skincare products as I have highly sensitive skin but I can honestly say I had no problems with my skin using Bush Balm so I thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone that waxes.

Buy from Outback Organics here.

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