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OrganicFoodstuffsOrganic Foodstuffs

Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

Organic products and foodstuffs must be produced following strictly regulated methods. These methods are legally defined and the manufacturers must follow this definition to claim that their product is indeed ‘organic’.

Some of the benefits of choosing organic products include: the farming methods undertaken are sympathetic to the environment; organic farms may offer greater wildlife protection by enforcing the restricted use of pesticides and fertilizers; there are no genetically modified ingredients in any product registered as organic. In addition potentially harmful additives must not be included in organic foodstuffs.

But enough of the philosophy and science behind organic products, the question most consumers would ask is ‘do they taste good?’

My package of organic goodies consisted of Ombar Dairy Free Coco Mylk buttons; a 9 Bar Super Seeds Organic Original Lift Bar; a packet of Higher Living Organic White Tea bags and a packet of Nairn’s Organic Oatcakes.

Ombar Dairy Free Coco Mylk buttons (25g)

I am quite a chocolate connoisseur, for me the higher the cocoa content the better. I very rarely consume milk chocolate so I thought this was going to be quite an adventure.

For a dairy free product these buttons were creamy and delicious with a melt in the mouth texture (the melting point must be very similar to chocolate).

Ombar make their buttons from a blend of cacao, coconut cream and coconut sugar – however it should be noted that I did not detect any taste of coconut in the product so anyone who does not like that particular flavour should not be concerned.

The tagline for the buttons is “Little Bursts of Deliciousness” and in this case I must agree.

9bar Super Seeds Organic Original Lift Bar (50g)

Whilst all the samples in this organic package were extremely good this super seed bar was the star.

The packet states “Each 9bar is high in fibre and a source of magnesium which contributes to a normal energy yielding metabolism and reduces tiredness”

The super seeds in question are sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and de-hulled hemp seeds.

The bar had a lovely gooey texture reminiscent to that of a fig roll (however, I checked and they don’t contain figs).

I will be purchasing more of these bars as I do have a habit of skipping breakfast, these (for me) would be an ideal replacement or eaten as a mid-afternoon snack.

Higher Living Organic White Tea (20 bags)

I brewed these teabags strictly to the instructions; one bag per 200ml cup and I allowed the bag to infuse for a full 5 minutes. The result was a fresh cup of tea which was extremely tasteful and refreshing. I didn’t add any milk and think that if any were to be added the brew might lose some of its subtleties and be quite weak (however this is purely personal taste, I prefer strong tea, and my comment shouldn’t put you off trying this product in any way you desire). Even after the long brewing time I didn’t detect any tannins or impurities on the surface of the drink.

I often consume herbal infusions and rooibos tea in the evenings, Higher Living Organic White Tea will now regularly be added to my kitchen shelf.

Nairn’s Organic Oatcakes (250g)

I purchase Nairn’s oatcakes quite regularly but had never tried the organic variety prior to being sent these samples.

The oatcakes contain wholegrain oats, follow a wheat free recipe, and have no added sugar. The recipe has recently been ‘tweaked’ and they are now enriched with oatbran. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The oatcakes were pure, crisp any very tasty either on their own or presented as part of a cheeseboard.

Whilst all of these products are organic if you have any specific dietary restrictions I would recommend checking each package carefully, or consult the particular manufacturer’s website for a full breakdown of all the ingredients used.

I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend all of these products and award them a collective 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5


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