Ombar Organic Chocolate Review


Reviewed by Laura Bown

Healthy chocolate? Chocolate you can feel good about? Really? Well Ombar are here to supply that to you. Ombar produce raw chocolate, which is vegan, organic, dairy free, gluten free and free from refined sugar.

What is raw chocolate? Ombar produce their chocolate using cacao without processing at high temperatures. They do this as the heat can damage some of the unique natural compounds, vitamins and minerals found inside the cacao bean. So instead of roasting the beans they are left out to dry in the sun.

Ombar is also refined sugar free. Instead of using processed cane sugar, coconut sugar is used. I have really been trying to reduce my sugar intake, but as a person with a sweet tooth I have really struggled, so I was interested to try the chocolate sent to me to see if it would still hit the spot!

As a family we have tried quite a few vegan and dairy free chocolates, as my son had a cows milk protein allergy, and egg allergy for a few years when he was younger. Although he can now tolerate dairy and egg, we already have a few alternatives in our regular diet. 

We were sent a few different products from the Ombar range.

  • Ombar buttons, which come in both the 72% cacao and Coco Mylk varieties.
  • A bar of the Ombar Centres coconut and vanilla flavour. 
  • A bar of the Coco Mylk Ecuadorian

The buttons were first tested by the younger ones in our family. They both really liked the CoCo Mylk ones, but weren’t too sure about the 72% cacao ones. They come in 25g bags, and retail at £1.49. I know from experience that this is a normal price for a dairy free chocolate buttons alternative. Look wise they look just like regular buttons, the packaging is good (and compostable), but the 72% buttons were just too bitter for my children. That did surprise me as they do like dark chocolate. They did like the Coco Mylk though, and they were eaten straight away.

The Ombar Centre bar was next. I liked the idea of the flavour combination of coconut and vanilla, I would have also liked to try some of the other flavours which in the centres range includes pistachio and raspberry and coconut.

The centre bar is a coconut and vanilla centre, encased in 60% coconut raw chocolate. Although I like coconut, I actually found the flavour on this one to be too strong. I would have much preferred the bar had it been the Coco Mylk chocolate that encased the centre. Priced at £3.29 for a 70g bar, this isn’t a cheap chocolate hit, however I do understand that it is for the higher end of the market, and again in the dairy free world, chocolate is always more expensive. The bars are packaged in recyclable paper, in keeping in the sustainable theme.

The Coco Mylk bar was our absolute favourite. It is a creamy chocolate with a sweet taste. There is a hint of coconut, but nothing overpowering. It is easy to forget you are eating a raw, vegan, refined sugar free bar with superfood qualities! I was also interested to see that they add some live vegan bio cultures in this which is an added bonus. I would honestly eat this all the time! Again, priced at £1.99 for 35g and £3.29 for 70g, these aren’t a cheap option, but if you are looking for a healthy chocolate, I would say this would be the one to go for.

Ombar is available direct at or at Ocado, Waitrose, WH Smith’s and health food shops nationwide. 

Rating: 4/5

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