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Number1 Water Review


Reviewed by Jennifer Seymour

Sold as “water with benefits” and without the additives – for someone who doesn’t like to drink tap water, this is a great alternative to keep you hydrated. I know we need to drink about 2-3 litres of water a day, but I really find that I never do, as I just don’t like tap water. So, anything that will help me to drink more water can only be a good thing!

I have to say I was a bit dubious at first – “water with benefits” is their strapline and I was thinking really? However, I received a pack of 12 cans from and had a mix of still and sparkling energy drinks in coconut and lemon/lime flavours and I actually loved them all, apart from the sparkling coconut, which wasn’t as much to my taste. They are genuinely nice tasting drinks and the sparkling versions taste great as mixers for spirits (eg with gin).

What is great about these drinks is that they contain 100% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C and many of the vitamin Bs. It is also high in vitamin D (and in the UK when the sun is fairly sparse as it is at the moment – this is often the vitamin that we lack!). But wait for it – they are ZERO – yes 0 (!) calories!

Unlike other energy drinks which are full of sugars, caffeine and artificial energy boosters, Number1’s energy comes directly from the vitamins included. I can’t confirm whether the drinks genuinely do give you more energy (although I did feel that they did, but it might just be that the lemon and lime drink was particularly refreshing and made me feel more awake – I don’t know). All I do know is that I did enjoy them as drinks and they will be lovely and refreshing in the garden now that we are meeting up with friends and family again.

The portable nature of the can (and they are recyclable) means that they would be great for any picnic or social distanced walk!

I believe a 24 pack is just £30, but I had difficulty trying to buy a 24 pack from their website. Having said that there are lots of ways to contact Number1 on facebook, twitter and email.

I am now eager to try their Gin Seltzers – these sound great to me – Declaration Gin and a twist of orange in a can – but only 58 calories! What is not to love for a refreshing summer drink in the garden with your friends! Just what we have all been waiting for…

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Please see above.

Available at £1.75 a can from Holland&Barrett
or £20 for a 12 pack directly from  with 10% off and free delivery if you buy directly from them at the moment. You can even mix your own case of still/sparkling or a mix of the two flavours.

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