Nextbase 122 Dash Cam Review

Reviewed by Keith Mitchell

I have never had a dash cam but have been thinking of getting one for a while, having seen my son in law’s very expensive one.

First thing to note, this arrived extremely well packaged, a mainly black box with purple and blue stripe and a picture of the camera on the box. It looked interesting and had symbols indicating the contents. Inside you find all the cables you need to connect to your vehicle and computer, a mounting for the camera to go on the dash, a suction mount to attach it to the windscreen, a little tool to use to get the cable behind your vehicle’s interior, a quick start guide in pictorial form with minimalist instructions in 10 languages, the camera itself and a mini SD card with adaptor to connect the card to your computer (Please note: SD card is not supplied with the camera but I received on for the purpose of testing for this review). The camera was well protected in its own little box with foam padding as protection. I was impressed so far. The in-car power cable runs off the 12v lighter socket.

This is an entry level dash cam so I wasn’t expecting an all singing and dancing piece of kit. My daughter, who is tech savvy, using the quick start guide, had it assembled and working in a few minutes. From my part, I am very moderately competent, but struggle, so as per instruction in the quick guide, I went to the website and called up the manual. This can be found at I spent some minutes reading up and found that I assembled and was up and running in under 10 minutes. I have a large Volvo XC90 so it fits very nicely behind the rear view mirror in a position that is not visible from the driver’s seat. The in-car power cable is long enough to be tucked out of sight and round to the centre console 12v socket even in this vehicle

The camera has a 2” screen with a 120-degree wide angle lens, the resolution being 720p@30 fps. It does have a speaker for audio playback. Setting up for use was easy to do with clear instructions on the camera screen. It is easy to put on the time, date and language to use. Under the menu you can set the exposure (for bright or dull light +/- 6 from the default setting of 0), audio recording, video clip length of 1,2,3 minutes length, time and date stamp and something called a G sensor. This protects the current recording if you have a collision. All the functions are using one button and up/down arrows so quite easy to follow.  You can even input your own car registration number onto the recordings. It also has a parking mode so it will go into standby after you remove your ignition key, if no movement is felt for 5 minutes. I checked the recordings on playback mode and they were crisp although some may find the screen a little small. I could see the screen and details sufficiently wearing, glasses.

After recording my journey I took the SD card out and connected it to my computer with the large screen, a very simple operation and clearly showed the clips I had recorded. The recording were done in bright and dull light and the images were all sharp, clear and it was possible to read registration numbers on the clips clearly enough.

So, what do you want from a dash cam? This little piece of kit does exactly what it says.

Is it easy to use? Yes, even for someone like me (older and not very techie).

Does it record sufficiently to act as a record of any incident you are unfortunate to get involved with? Yes, no problem there with the wide-angle lens picking up quite a wide spread, although you may feel the need to have a second one facing backwards.

Do I need more from my dash cam? At this moment in time I can’t think of anything. I would only require the basics, and this does them sufficiently

At a price under £50, to my reckoning it is good value for money. If you want more from your dash cam then there are plenty of upgrades out there, remember this an entry level cam.

From my personal point of view, I would be extremely pleased to have been given this as a Christmas present.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49

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