Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Secret Shot Blaster Review


NerfRebelle1Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Secret Shot Blaster

Reviewed by Rachael Scott

The Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Secret Shot Blaster is the perfect Nerf gun for the little spies in your family and comes with the blaster, 1 message decoder,  1 message dart and 3 collectible darts. Secret messages are hidden on the message darts which need to be decoded.

The packaging was good (no need to hunt for teeny tiny screwdrivers or even scissors). It was securely packaged but easy to open. The product is beautifully decorated (for a Nerf gun) with purple, white and blue detail with a little diamond on top to make it perfect for girlies with a I’m gonna shoot my Nerf gun but still look stylish attitude :-). The gun folds up neatly into a case (which you can store the bullets in) with a handle. The shot blaster comes with a small red decoder which you can put one of the bullets in to read the hidden message which my little girl loved.


The instructions were easy to follow and the shot blaster was simple to use.

The blaster fires the darts incredibly fast and up to a massive 75 feet but they don’t hurt at all if you are hit, as I have discovered after being hit 3000 times by them. Hours of fun were had by my little girl hitting a target she made and lining up her toys and shooting them off the table.


I would certainly recommend this product to anyone with kids aged 8 plus and I would rate it 5 out of 5. It certainly met mine and my little girl’s expectations and is worth every penny.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £24.99

Suitable age: 8 years +

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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