My Little Sudocrem Review


Reviewed by Sarah Rose

I was sent these mini Sudocrem pots to review.  Sudocrem has been around for many years for as long as I can remember.  It has always been a great product and didn’t fail with trying it again.  Sudocrem helps keep skin moisturised and protected which is useful especially with the weather changing. This product can be used as frequently as needed as it made with a gentle formula and only requires a thin layer to be applied.

The cream is great for protection too and helps with soothing dry skin and to help calm redness. Each of these
hand size sudocrem skin care cream pots are 22g and does not have a certain amount of time to use it after opening it.  The handy size sudocrem is clinically proven to help to soothe and protect delicate skin and helps to protect the skin from irritations by ensuring the skin’s natural and healthy condition is maintained after using this product. The handy size, my little Sudocrem product is beneficial as it is easy to store.

Takes up very little room which helps when not bringing a bag or carrying a smaller bag, which means that it can almost always be carried with you when out or just around the house. Sudocrem can provide gentle but effective relief from cuts or grazes along with minor burns and can even help with skin rashes. This useful product can also be effective on acne, sunburns, eczema or nappy rash and bed sores.  If you have a baby it can also be very useful and more practical if you choose the Sudocrem product to deal with nappy rash as instead of carrying around the huge tubs of the cream you can instead carry around this smaller more practical product which then leaves more storage room for other necessary items. The tubs have a screw top lid and are slightly flat around the size of a lip balm tin. There also is a foil layer placed under the lid of the tub to help keep the cream fresh and protected.  These little pots of Sudocrem can be found more pricey than the big tubs. They still work the same as the big tubs but just come in a more compact and easier to carry size. If you get a larger tub of sudocrem at home then these little practical size pots can be a handy little tub to just refill when needed.  This cream is useful and a good thing to keep as can be used for most issues and all ages.

This product also contains ingredients such as benzyl alcohol which has local anaesthetic and antiseptic properties that can help with discomfort caused by a variety of things. I’m always carrying one of these around with me in my bag and if not then in my pocket in case I ever need it as it is not like it takes up an inconsiderable amount of storage
space. These small handy size Sudocrem products always helpful to carry around with you whether keeping in a bag ready for when you are going out or keeping it in your room or other rooms around your home for when it’s needed. These pots are an average price of about £3 each but worth every penny.  These can can be brought from a number of retailers


RRP: £3.00

This product can be purchased from Boots here.

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