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MJ’S DINER Air Fryer Ready Meals Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Cross

This week I had the pleasure of trying out a range of air fryer ready meals by MJ’s Diner. Initially I was amazed by the range of meals they have been able to create that can all be cooked in your air fryer and I was sent a big selection of their products including All-Day Breakfast, Chicken Nuggets and Chips, Beef Meatballs, Fish Fingers and Katsu Curry, to name a few!

One meal I particularly enjoyed was the All Day Breakfast. This one came with two sausages, two hash browns, two pieces of gammon and two black pudding rounds. It made a very hearty breakfast when combined with some toast and tomato ketchup! The only down side was that some of the gammon had broken into small pieces within the packet. The hash browns were fluffy, the sausages juicy and overall, it was a good meal.

I made the Salt & Pepper Chicken Chunks with Crinkle Cut chips for the family over the weekend and it was an easy-to-make, fun Saturday night meal that we really enjoyed. The chicken wasn’t too spicy and the seasoning came in a separate sachet so I was able to decide how much to use on the food. It was a nice alternative to getting a take-away and is a more cost-effective option.

I didn’t enjoy the Sweet & Sour chicken as much. This one was less-easy as the sachet of sauce had to be cooked separately – either in the microwave or in boiling water. The chips in the meal were lovely however I thought the sweet and sour sauce tasted quite artificial. I also think that the cooking process for this one was less convenient than a traditional ready-meal that is put in the microwave.

The shortcrust steak pie was an interesting meal. Pies can often take a long time to cook in an oven whereas this was done in the air-fryer in just 22 minutes and came with chips to go on the side. I made my own gravy and cooked some peas to add to this one and it was a lovely evening meal. The pie came out crisp on the outside and again, the chips were fluffy and enjoyable.

The packaging for the meals is very vivid and they are easy to fit in the freezer. They have clear instructions for how to cook them in the air fryer, but they also have instructions for oven cooking too. It helps to have a dual tray air fryer if you are using this method of cooking as for some of the meals, parts of the meal take different amounts of time, so this would help with the ease of cooking.

Most of the meals seem to be a great option for having instead of a take-away or if you are pressed for time on an evening. They don’t have many healthy options in the range so I definitely see these as a weekend treat or alternative to a take-away.

Each meal costs between £1.99 and £2.49 which I think is good value for the amount you get and the convenience. Each packet serves one person but if your air fryer is big enough then cooking two portions at once was easy to do.

The meals that you can get in the range are:
·       Chicken Nuggets and Fries (Made with 100% Breast)
·       Fish Fillet and Straight Cut Chips
·       Mixed Starter: 2 Potato Skins, 6 Garlic Mushrooms & 4 Hot & Spicy wings
·       All Day Breakfast
·       Katsu Chicken & Crinkle Cut Chips – 100% Breast Fillet
·       Sweet & Sour Chicken & Crinkle Cut Chips (100% Breast Fillet)
·       Shortcrust Steak Pie and Steak Cut Chips
·       Southern Fried Popcorn Chicken and crispy fries
·       Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings and Crinkle Cut Chips
·       Breaded Fish Fingers with Chips
·       2 Beef Grillsteaks with Chips
·       Crispy Chicken Goujons and Crinkle Cut Chips (100% Breast Fillet)
·       Salt & Pepper Chicken Chunks and Crinkle Cut Chips
·       Beef Meatballs with Chips & Gravy 

Overall I would give the meals a rating of 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: between £1.99 and £2.49 per meal.

These meals can be purchased from Farmfoods, Poundland, SPAR stores, Oops in St Helens, and over 300 independent retailers nationwide.

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