Mizzie The Kangaroo Teething Toy Review


Reviewed by Gemma-Louise Lawford

We were pleased to review this teething toy for the upcoming arrival of our baby. The product is of Australian origin which we were keen to stick close to our heritage, with my partner being a true Aussie! It felt nice to see something from home for him and lovely to be able to include something for our new baby which links to his heritage and nationality.

The item arrived quickly, it took a little over a week and was in minimal packaging albeit, a small box and no plastic packaging was included which we liked as we are keen to move away from plastic overuse for our environment. The packaging is 100% recyclable as the teether is in a box and even the small plastic sheen covering was able to be recycled. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing and my partner commented on how much it reminded him of the Outback, back in Aus. The font was large which is good for poorer eyesight’s! It contained a lot of information including that the product is made of 100% natural rubber, again, good for us due to mum of baby being a latex allergy sufferer. The product is also water based and the dyes are natural therefore there are no PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines or phthalates. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia and started out as a small family business and has now expanded to offer products to the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

Upon opening the box it is very obvious the product is made from rubber, as there was that very pungent smell which was a little hard to bear and could perhaps be masked prior to sending the product out. There was no set up needed as the item is already altogether although I did decide to wash and sterilise the product as I felt that a small baby may find the smell as pungent as I did. I did find the product very easy to wash and just used plain water and soap as well as my usual steriliser. The product is a good size and suitable from birth until around when baby gets teeth, as I imagine it would be easy for them to make holes in the item once they have gnashers! It is very soft and flexible and will provide a good teething distraction once our baby is actually teething. The only comment I would make it that it feels very much like a dog toy- which my partner also said, and it does make a small squeaking sound, although it states that there is no hole in the item there actually is a small one in the bottom of the product. I feel that this product is soft enough to provide safe relief during the gnawing sensation of teething and would improve our babies experience of teething greatly. Most other products seem quite hard and this will provide relief without being too strong, the product is definitely baby led as they can bite, such or gnaw as hard as they see fit to provide the necessary. The product is £14.99 and available to purchase online here.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from Mizzie the Kangaroo here

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