Mizzie The Kangaroo – Books Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

Mizzie the Kangaroo is a bright and playful character designed by Aussie parents to stimulate learning and encourage development. The toy range expanded from Mizzie the teething toys success.

We were delighted to receive the Mizzie books, books, books gift set. This included 2 Mizzie touch and feel books and the Mizzie- Sing with Mizzie Nursery Rhymes Sound Book.

Mizzie Touch and Feel Books

The touch and feel books are- Mizzie likes to help Bella-Boo Be Active and Mizzie likes to help Bella-Boo At the Beach.  My initial impression was great these are brilliant quality board books, each page features a different texture or material for little hands to feel and explore which have been integrated into the story.  The books contain strong messages about the importance of keeping active with Mizzie helping Bella to participate in various activities and being safe at the beach.

I believe it’s so important to introduce books to little ones from a young age to encourage a love of reading from early on. These books are a great starting point.  I gifted them to my baby niece, she was enchanted by the lovely illustrations and loved exploring the pages to find the different textures and lift the flaps, she was particularly amazed by the reflective foil page. The books would be a great addition to playtime or even to the bedtime routine.

The touch and feel books can be purchased individually at £9.95 each. I feel this is quite expensive in comparison to other touch and feel board books on the market but it would be a great accompaniment if your little one already has a Mizzie toy or are thinking of getting one as they will already be familiar with the character.

Sing with Mizzie- Nursery Rhymes Sound Book

The Mizzie Sound Book is also a sturdy board book, each double page has a written nursery rhyme with illustration and a sensor button that when covered with your finger plays a recording of the rhyme being sung by children, included are baa baa black sheep, twinkle twinkle little star, row row row your boat, old MacDonald had a farm, rock a bye baby and Mary had a little lamb.

The Sound Book was much loved by my baby niece probably because of the familiarity she already has with the nursery rhymes, the button is one she could quickly work out when shown and manage on her own which pleased her greatly, and thankfully when the repetitive singing gets too much there is a on/off switch at the back of the book for the parents.

The Sound Book retails individually at £12.00 which seems reasonable given the amount of enjoyment it created and the quality of the item, time will tell how long the batteries last.

All 3 books can as a gift set can be bought for £29.95 which is slightly better value than buying them individually, and would be a brilliant gift for any new little readers, there are also various other combination gift sets that can be found on the website.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.95 (for all 3 books)

These items can be purchased on the Mizzie the Kangaroo website here.

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