Mini Melissa Ultragirl Kitty Shoes Review

Mini Melissa Ultragirl Kitty

Reviewed by Ella Richardson

When the package arrived it was so beautifully packaged my daughter was instantly excited, she knew it was new shoes but she had never had a box of shoes arrive wrapped up like the Mini Melissa shoes. When we opened the box up the room was filled with a beautiful fragrance, I was expecting with the shoes to have that new plastic smell but I must admit I was stood smelling it for a while as it smelt really lovely.

The shoes themselves are perfect for my little girl, we chose the Ultragirl Kitty pink shoes and as soon as she opened the box she couldn't contain her excitement and demanded that she wear them even though it was raining outside. They are beautifully and cleverly designed with the cats little tail being used as the strap and the peep toe hole for the mouth. I must admit I was slightly worried that she would get these shoes and want to wear them constantly and because they are made of plastic they would be uncomfy or smelly as we have found with other plastic based shoes but I must say since she got them 3 days ago she has worn them constantly and has not complained that they hurt and I see no evidence of them hurting her new shoes usually do. She wants everyone to see her new cat shoes and everyone has been asking where she got her shoes from. We are looking forward to going away to the seaside soon so she can use them in the sea as her usual jelly shoes really aren't great and hurt her so these will be perfect but they have also been good in the October weather too, she has worn them with tights to playgroup today.

Also the shoes came with a handy little bag to carry them around in, she loves in the house that she can carry them with her and is always strutting about with her little bag. The only thing that put me off slightly at first was the price as I thought they would be a shoe that you could only use on holiday on the beach and maybe it wasn't worth spending that much on a pair of beach shoes but they are really good quality and I can see us getting use out of them for a while to come with 2 other girls younger to pass them down to, so actually now reviewing it I think they are well worth the money for a good pair of shoes and as I have said they have most definitely not just been used for the beach but every day since she got them.

I would definitely recommend (and already have recommended) the Mini Melissa shoes.

RRP: £35.00

Rating: 4/5

Mini Melissa Ultragirl Kitty shoes are available to buy in black, pink and white from Monkey McCoy here.

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