Miners Cosmetics Mood Gloss Review


Mood Gloss (Peach Pout)


Reviewed by Louise Van Weezel

At a first sight it looks very pretty and girly, and especially appeals to women who like a girly look. The smell of the gloss is vanilla, Miners as mastered the perfect fragrance level as it is neither to strong or weak. When applying the gloss it is smooth and not sticky as many other glosses. The look when applied is shiny without being too much; it has a bit of a baby pink colour with a glitter look.

Overall, this is the perfect gloss to all occasions, for both everyday use or to have in your handbag both for nights out.

Rating: 5/5




Mood Gloss (Glastonberry)

Reviewed by Shelley East

Create your own individual lip colour with a lip gloss that reacts to the ph level on your lips! Even more surprising to me that this product actually works!! A festival inspired gloss and comes in two shades: Glastonberry and Peachy Pout.

I received the Glastonberry mood gloss. It came out clear as I applied it to my lips. I rubbed them together and they turned pink! A natural shade which was glossy and moisturising on my lips and you don't even need to apply loads for it to have an effect. The product would last ages and retails at around £2.49 which is fantastic value for money and very affordable.

I love the colour changing technology and having my own individual lip colour. This product will be popular with all ages. I tested it on my friends and each of our lips were different shades of pink. I have no idea how the lip-gloss customises the colour to your own lips but what a great idea for the summer and having festival inspired lips. I can see this product becoming very popular. The peachy pout shade is a nude shimmer that again reacts with the ph level of your lips to create a pink shimmer! I am going to buy that too! A beauty must have for the summer of 2012!

Rating: 5/5

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