mifold Grab and Go Booster Seat Review

Reviewed by Melody Floyde

The mifold Grab and Go Booster Seat is a very compact foldable vehicle booster seat for children aged from 4 years + (or weighing between 15-36kg) and is universal so will fit most vehicles. It is advertised as being 10 x smaller than a standard booster seat and just as safe. From reading the information on the mifold webpage I can see that the science behind this is that, rather than lifting a child up like a traditional low back booster seat would, the mifold does the opposite and holds the seatbelt down securely around the child.

I have to admit to being slightly sceptical about the mifold before it arrived and even more so when I saw exactly how small it actually is, as it seemed hard to believe that such a small item could offer a child any form of protection if they were ever involved in a car accident whilst using it.

However, putting those thoughts aside and with my six-year-old son’s help, we put the mifold to the test.

My initial impression of the mifold is that it is a quality product. It arrived in a sturdy box with lots of information and pictures showing us the features and benefits of the mifold. It also came with a whole bundle of instructions booklets in seven different languages, and there is a handy slot on the mifold to store the instruction booklet in so that it is always with it for reference.

The mifold itself feels very sturdy and robust which isn’t surprising given that it is in part made from “super tough” plastic and aircraft grade aluminium! It has a hard outer case which folds over to protect the padded seat inside and to make it easy to store. When folded the mifold measures approximately 25cm x 12cm x 4cm and weighs just 750 grams which makes it very portable. It will easily slip into a bag or the glove compartment of the car. The mifold comes in six colours, we were sent the pearl grey version which has a bright red trim and looks really smart. The seat pad itself is black as is the shoulder strap.

We found the mifold very easy and quick to install in our car, it probably took us about a minute while referring to the instructions. Firstly, the width of the lap belt guide had to be adjusted to fit the child by releasing the clips and sliding the guide to one of three settings. For my son we used the middle setting. After placing the mifold onto the car seat my son then sat on it ensuring that his bottom was right at the back of the seat pad. We then adjusted the shoulder belt guide strap to the right length (so that the buckle sat just above my son’s shoulder). There was a quick release buckle on the strap which made this easy. Initially this required quite some force to get the strap to move, but I feel this would get easier with continued use. Then finally we had to fit the car seat belt, firstly through the lap belt guides across my son’s legs and then through the shoulder belt clip and ensure it was done up and pulled tightly across my son’s legs and body. The mifold seat itself is padded with foam to make it comfortable however my son did say that it was hard and uncomfortable. I don’t know if this would improve with further use, but I do like the fact that the foam is easy to clean and will also stay cool when it is hot.

When installed my son did look quite secure in the seatbelt and I definitely think that the mifold would be safer than a normal low back booster seat. I like the way that it is very secure against the car seat and didn’t move around when we were driving.

However, I would only consider using the mifold for my son if no other car seat was available, for example if we were in a taxi or on a coach. It would be ideal for taking on holiday to use during airport transfers etc. I wouldn’t consider using it on a regular basis as it has no side impact protection which, for me, is a very important consideration when buying a car seat. But as an “emergency” car seat the mifold is a great idea and this is exactly what it is marketed for.

The mifold retails at £49.95 which for a product of this quality I feel is reasonable.

I would give the mifold Grab and Go Booster Seat a score of 4/5. I had to mark it down as my son said it was uncomfortable for him!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £49.95

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