Maxi Cosi Marble CarSeat Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

We have three grandchildren.  One arrived early just last week and another due this week, so never a better time for us than now to review the Maxi Cosi Marble Isofix Car seat. ISO what I hear you say, yeah me to. Long gone are the days you popped the car seat in the back of your car and threaded the seat belt through a few places. No now you have a base and a seat! Of course your car needs to have the isofix fixings for you to use in this way. Isofix is reportedly a much safer system for your babies car seat, especially if you are in a side impact collision. All very reassuring, especially when taking your newborns safety into consideration.

The Maxi Cosi Marble is for newborn babies up to a weight of 13kg. As car seats go, I was overall very impressed with the padding of the seat, it comes with an insert suitable for your newborn baby and gives that extra layer of padding around them. My seat is black with a grey insert, which is all removable and easily washed. Even without the baby in the seat is a fair weight, but for me this implies the quality, it feels robust. The sun canopy will be really useful for us, as we go into the sunnier months, it is ultra protective with a peek a boo window to check on the baby without disturbing them. I have previously had a bad experience with the sun catching our daughter in the car and causing burns, so I think we will use this feature a lot in the summer.

Installation, well that was a blue job, my husband found it easy to install both in my car and his, which are different makes and models. The Isofix base stays in the car, allowing us to easily transfer from one vehicle to the other. The seat itself clicks onto the base and off again with ease. I am happy to say, it feels so much safer and easier, than the whole stressful have I got the seatbelt through the right groove of back in the day. You’ve got to wonder how we did it all!

We are lucky enough to have a Maxi Cosi Stroller, which this seat also fits onto.  It’s from six months upwards, so by using the adaptors, we can fit the car seat onto the stroller, using like a carry cot from birth, which makes it all the more attractive. The harness is easy to navigate and has a variety of heights so you can easily adjust as your baby grows. Maxi Cosi is a quality brand and I would certainly recommend this model of car seat. The padding is super compared with some car seats we have looked at and I can agree that you get what you pay for in this respect.

Being over 50, it took me a couple of attempts to get used to getting the seat in and out of the Isofix base, and navigating the handles, much to the amusement of my daughter, but all in all, not too difficult at all. I do keep marvelling at how much padding there is. It’s a lovely product, one which will get much use in our household!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £279.00

This product can be purchased from Maxi Cosi here.

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