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Manfrotto TwistGrip Smartphone Clamp Review

Reviewed by David Savage

I recently received the PIXI Mini Tripod and TwistGrip Universal Smartphone Clamp for review from Manfrotto – a world leader in camera accessories.

The TwistGrip is a small clamp for use with a ¼” screw thread tripod (I was using the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod, you can read my review of this here) and enables you to place your smartphone on to a tripod to get better quality photographs without any hand shaking, blurry images or thumbs over the lens.

The TwistGrip itself is dark grey in colour, made of high-quality aluminium and measures approx. 4.25” in length (when flat) and the body is approx. 0.5” thin (excluding the twisting lock mechanism, measures approx. 0.75” with twist knob).

It is so simple to use; just twist end so you are turning it from a flat device into a c-clamp shape, loosen the locking knob and pull on end to extend the size to fit your phone. Once fully extended you have just over 3” of space to fit a phone (my phone measures at 2.5” so plenty of room). Once you have your phone in, lock it in place by twisting the locking knob. The TwistGrip has rubber grips on each end so no need to worry about marking or damaging your phone. Once locked into place screw it on to a tripod (I was using the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod) and you are ready to go and have a smartphone camera that is stable.


If you are into photography more than me you may decide you want better lighting and the TwistGrip has a removable plastic cover for a cold-shoe lighting connection where you can attach a lighting rig such as the Manfrotto Lumimuse Series LED Light.


Overall I found the TwistGrip, along with the PIXI Mini Tripod, to be an excellent bit of kit. It is well made, small and portable and turns your smartphone into a much better still or video camera. With everybody these days owning a smartphone and taking lots more photographs and videos using the TwistGrip with a tripod is something that anyone that wants to take that perfect shot must have. Portable and easy to fit – I was using with an Android Smartphone but is also suitable for iPhone’s.


The only issue I found that is not an issue with the clamp but more my phone setup is that I had to remove my phone case to be able to use properly. So depending on what type of phone case you are using (assuming you are using one) you may need to remove it to use correctly. I did leave my case on to begin (mine is a flip case) and while I could fit the phone in and clamp it down OK and was able to use it, it wasn’t fully secure so I felt any slight knock would either move the phone distorting the angle or knock the phone out of the clamp. But as I said this is an issue with my phone setup and not the clamp.

I would highly recommend the TwistGrip and makes taking photos with your phone much more fun and easy. Small enough to fit in your pocket of camera case.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £48.95

Available to buy from Manfrotto here.


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