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Magical Fairy Garden Review

Reviewed by Chris Widdows

When we received the Magical Fairy Garden from my granddaughter could not wait to start building the real garden for the little fairy, she was jumping up and down with excitement.

On opening the box we found nearly everything we needed to create our indoor Magical Fairy Garden, all we need to get was some soil:

1x large bowl, 1x fairy figurine, 1x oyster shell for the water feature, 6 foam pieces to build the fairy cottage, 1x blue carpet for the fairy cottage, 1x clothes line with 2 posts and 2 pegs, 1 blanket for clothes line, 1 bag of coloured gravel stones, 2x fairy mushrooms, 1x bag of fairy flowers, 1x bag of fairy stars, 1x bag of small glitter stars (fairy dust), 1x bag of grass seed and the instruction leaflet.


The instructions told us we could use sieved garden soil or multi-purpose compost but as it had been raining heavy and the garden was very wet we chose to use some multi-purpose compost and picked up some when we went out shopping.

Once we have the compost we followed the very easy instructions to assemble our garden. My granddaughter needed help putting together the fairy house but love filling the bowl with soil and digging the hole for the water feature (an oyster shell). Once the bowl was filled with compost, the assembled sparkly house placed were we wanted it we added a gravel path from the house, the washing line and pegged the blanket to it, placed the flowers along the path, added the mushrooms and placed the little fairy in the doorway to her new home all we needed to do was plant the grass seed and give it a little water. Once done we also added some of the fairy stars and glitter over the garden and house and filled the oyster shell with water. Now our fairy garden was complete we just needed to wait for the grass to grow so we placed on the windowsill so it could get some light.

My granddaughter is impatient and was constantly checking to see if the grass had grown, it has started to come after a week or so and we will soon have a nice lawn and the fairies new home will be complete.

Overall, this is a great little kit for spending quality time with the children and it looks great once complete. My granddaughter loved making it and wants to add some real flowers to the garden. What a great introduction into how to look after a small garden! At only £12.95 it is excellent value for money, not just for the enjoyment of putting it together but watching the joy on my granddaughters face as the grass started to grow (and she knows that once fully grown we have to start cutting the grass with small scissors and replacing the water in water feature).


This is a perfect gift idea for anyone that loves fairies or gardening and is not just restricted to children as it makes a great feature on the windowsill.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

Suitable age: 4 years +

Available to buy from here.


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