Lust Money and Murder by Mike Wells Review

Reviewed by David Savage

As a young girl Elaine Brogan wants to be a model. She gets caught up in a modelling scam that sees her having to pay more and more money before there is any hope of getting work. Eventually when she realises it is all a con she demands her money back and gets it. Little does she know she has been paid in counterfeit money which sees her father getting arrested and sent to prison for passing fake money. She vows to track the person the responsible and joins the Secret Service and after managing to pass the gruelling training becomes an agent.

She gets transferred to Bulgaria where it is emerging that brand new and extremely high quality fake bills are in circulation and getting better all the time. After a while she falls in love with her boss Nick until she is informed that he is on the take and gets transferred back to the States to help come up with new software to install in currency verifying machines designed to detect the new breed of fakes.

Once she has found all the flaws and the software designed and ready for use her job should be done but this is where it just starts to begin. She has to take it to Russia for the first implementation of the upgrade but she gets robbed. This leads her to trying to get it back and then changing sides and helping to develop a much better fake. But dealing with counterfeiters and gangsters is a dangerous game especially for anyone that gets in the way.

Overall, a very well-written collection of books which make a larger story pulling you into the story and keeping you there. The storyline is a good one but I think what makes the book a success is that the characters are superbly written and come to life on the pages so you really get to know who they are, and whether they are good or bad you have to keep reading to know what happens to them and where they go next.

While this is a series of 3 short books you would be better off buying all three to begin with as each ends in a cliffhanger ending (plus it is cheaper buying it that way). Even better is the author is confident that you will like the story he gives the first book away for FREE and I am sure that you will enjoy it so much that you will be buying the set before you know it.

A great thriller, mixed with a love story involving betrayal, gangsters, counterfeiters and lots of money. Highly entertaining.

Try it out, what have you got to lose? The first book is FREE!

Rating: 5/5

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