Lush Steam Tabs Review

Moon and Sun & Dream Steam

Reviewed by Katie Grainger

I love the packaging Lush use with their products, it is simple in the paper bag, with just the label describing the product, sealing it.  It gives the feeling of a more natural/raw product.

I was really looking forward to using these tabs, as previous Lush products I have used in the past have been lovely.

On receiving the tabs, I went online to have a read up on exactly how to use them. I decided to try the Dream Steam first. On opening the packet the first thing I noticed was the strong (but not overwhelming) scent of rose and lavender and tea tree, I couldn’t wait to try it! The tab is around the size of a 50p, it’s nice and round with a few dried rose petals set into it.

I filled the sink with hot water and dropped the Dream Steam tab in, then popped a towel over me. All you need is for the water to be hot enough to steam. As the tab fizzed away the essential oils and the steam made me feel so relaxed, it dissolved really quickly and left the little rose petals sitting in the water. I stayed under the towel for 10 minutes before I felt like I needed a break, and then I went back under again, until the water cooled.

When the water had cooled, I followed the directions and used some cotton wool, dampened in the remaining water to wash away any traces of cleanser or dirt and also any impurities that the steam had drawn out of the skin.  It left my skin feeling toned, soft and very clean, the same feeling I have after a facial.

The Moon and Sun steamer tab is used in the same way as the Dream steam, but it contains Neroli oil, which gives an uplifting feeling, as opposed to the Dream Steam which is more relaxing. It also has lavender to soothe skin. My skin again felt clean soft, and refreshed.

I followed directions online to wait until the water had completely cooled, and then collected the remaining water in a little spritz bottle and stored in the fridge for a few days. It can be used as a toner spray to refresh the skin. I used it in the mornings to wake my skin up, it felt really nice! This can be done with both the Dream Stream and Moon and Sun tabs.

These tabs are lovely as a treat for tired, dry and sensitive skin. My skin is quite sensitive to certain products but it was fine with both these steamer tabs, and they contain no preservatives!!

I would definitely recommend these steam tabs, sometimes skin needs a bit of a helping hand, and these are the perfect little ‘pick me up’. Really easy to use and smell wonderful. I will definitely use again!

Both the Dream Steam and Moon and Sun tabs are £2.50 each, although not the cheapest, they are worth purchasing, as skin feels really lovely after. And much cheaper than a visit to a salon for a facial

Rating: 4/5

‘Star shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper ‘I love you’, steam a little steam of me!’

This was printed on the brightly coloured paper packet that held in it the Dream Steam tabs and it immediately made me smile. Lush is the shop that we can all smell halfway across the city centre, with its perfumed soaps, salts, lotions and shampoos. Therefore it is no surprise that these steam tabs may be small, but they have a very powerful fragrance, even though the packaging.

Once I popped one in a bowl full of hot water it fizzed away and a much more subtle aroma filled the room. I didn’t know what to expect from the steam tabs as I have not used them before. Holding my head over the bowl was a pleasant experience but that was about it. It did make my skin feel quite soft afterwards and it is always refreshing to cleanse the face with steam. However I was not wowed with the result but I didn’t expect to be as it is quite a low priced product. 

What I do like about this product and Lush as a company is its testimonial on the packaging. It says that they only buy ingredients from companies who do not test on animals and use only fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Seeing flower petals and stems from the tab floating around the bowl made me feel I had given my skin some natural goodness. 

I would not buy this product again for myself but they would make a nice gift as someone else might benefit more from the effects. I imagine using the tabs on a regular basis would be good for the skin. For me, the lovely smells of Moon and Sun and Dream Steam are in themselves a treat. 
Reviewed by Hollie Richardson

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