Lush Believe Liquid Lipstick Review

BelieveLiquidLipstickBelieve Liquid Lipstick

Reviewed by Lora Hole

I recently tried the Lush Liquid Lipstick in the colour Believe. It came in a 5g glass bottle with a little card attached to it listing the ingredients in the lipstick. It also mentioned that all the packaging, except the wand you apply the lipstick with, is recyclable. As with all Lush products, it has not been tested on animals. This lipstick is also vegan friendly. The bottle says it is freshly handmade and lists the name of the person who made the lipstick, the date it was made on and the use by date. This is nice as it adds a personal touch to the product that you wouldn’t get from the usual big brands. The use by date on my bottle gives the product a total of 14 months from the date it was made until the date it expires.

I found it very easy to apply the lipstick and the wand makes it easy to closely follow the shape of the lips. It is an extremely vibrant pinky coral colour with a glossy finish and looks like it would be a particularly nice colour to wear in the summer. It felt very nice on my lips and was able to withstand long periods of wear without fading too much which shows it has quality ingredients in it.

I think the lipstick is pretty good value for money as the bottle contains quite a lot so it will last for a long time before you need to buy another. I would definitely buy this product again and I would like to try a few other colours as well in the future!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.50

Available to buy from Lush in store or online here.


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