Luna Pods Hot Tub Hire Review


Reviewed by Lucy Knight

I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to be receiving an inflatable hot tub from Luna Pods to review for the weekend. I have never had the opportunity to try one of these out, even though my sister hires them quite regularly (she never invites me around), so I was overjoyed when it arrived on Friday afternoon around 3pm.

The idea is that you receive the hot tub from Luna Pods by courier and you set it up yourself, then you empty and deflate on the Sunday evening, pack it all away and the courier comes back to collect it on the Monday. This saves you quite a bit of money compared to other hot tub hires where the company comes to install it for you.

The delivery comes in 3 cardboard boxes, one containing the inflatable lid, the next containing the hot tub and the final box containing the generator for the heat and bubbles.

I am a complete novice when it comes to installing a hot tub as you would expect. However, after watching a YouTube tutorial and looking through the instructions I gave it a go. There were a few hiccups along the way meaning I had to deflate it, rejig the outside cover and inflate again, but it was pretty simple and straight forward. It took about 30 minutes to fill with water, which I thought was quite reasonable as it is quite deep.

Once it was all installed I set the temperature and waited for it to heat up. It takes around 12 hours to get to around 40 degrees Celsius and because I couldn’t set it up until Saturday morning, we had quite a bit if a wait ahead of us. We did manage to go in around 6pm though as it was 26 degrees and the weather was quite pleasant. My five year old daughter had been prancing around in her swimming costume since 9am so she was extremely excited to finally get to go in.

The following, morning it started to rain quite heavily and because we were using an outdoor plug we decided to unplug the hot tub for safety reasons. The pool did stay warm though so when the rain cleared up later on we got to have another go in it.

I was a little underwhelmed with the weather aspect as it had been glorious up until I received the hot tub and then the weather cleared up again once it had been picked up. I think if I was to hire another hot tub I would do it when I knew the weather would be perfect. April can be hit and miss, so it’s probably not a great time to risk it.

I really enjoyed having the hot tub for the weekend. However, the only part that lets it down is having to take it all down, dry it and pack it away into the cardboard boxes. I found this quite difficult and time consuming as I had to do it alone.

Overall though it is a great concept and a lovely idea especially when the weather gets better. The hot tub comfortably seats 4 people but can be used for up to 6. I would rate the hot tub hire 4 out of 5.

Rating: 4/5

Hire Prices:
Weekend Hire (Delivery Friday – Collection Monday)  £120
Mid Week Hire (Delivery Monday- Collection Thursday) £100
Week Long Hire (Delivery Monday – Collection Monday) £180

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4 Star

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