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LSA International Moya Champagne Flutes Review

Reviewed by Sian Manning

These LSA International Moya Champagne Flutes (£26 for a pair) are stunning. I love beautiful glassware, and these really do not disappoint, they are weighty, curvaceous and great quality. You can immediately tell they are going to be good quality from the sturdy LSA gift box that they come packaged in. The box shows the contents and a brief overview of what they are, 170ml champagne flutes handmade in Poland by skilled artisans.

Once you open the box you can pull out one of the glasses from the segmented box, a great design for keeping the flutes apart and safe from knocking together, the glass is carefully wrapped in LSA INTERNATIONAL branded tissue paper to keep it as safe as possible during transit and also to keep it relatively clean. The glasses have two stickers on them one saying that it is handmade and one with the LSA branding on it. Once you pull the glass out you start to realise why such a small box was so heavy, the glasses are incredibly good quality and beautifully weighted, they feel great in your hand and are not flimsy feeling like other champagne flutes can be. Once you have a full glass, or even an empty one you can be sure when you put it down it is not going to knock over easily.

Not only do they look beautiful empty, they also look stunning full, the colour of the champagne inside really highlights the shape and design of the flutes, the recess is deep, and the design is really sleek and modern, they would look great in any display cabinet, on any dining table or in your hand. They are recommended for hand wash only to keep them in the best condition.

The glasses are mouth blown and exceptional quality, they would be the perfect gift for any champagne lovers or indeed anyone who loves glassware and quality items. They would be equally ideal for a wedding present, Christmas or Valentine’s gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £26 (Set of 2)

Available to buy from www.black-by-design.co.uk.

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