Lovebox Original Colour And Photo Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

When I received a Lovebox to review, in all honestly I had no idea what it was. Even upon opening the lovely little box it was contained within and looking at it from every angle I was still clueless. After reading up on it, it appears to be an in house device on which you can receive messages, pictures and notes on a screen from loved ones. The idea is to have a little box of happiness that bears the messages of love from your nearest and dearest. The box is a lovely wooden box featuring a red plastic love heart which fixes to the front. The box must be plugged in and connected to WiFi in order to work. When you receive a message the love heart will spin around to alert you and the message can be read by lifting the lid to reveal your note of love.

Within the box were also a USB cable and an adapter. So I set about connecting up the box using my phone by first connecting to the Wifi. This process was somewhat frustrating as the instructions weren’t as accurate as I would have hoped and I had to go into the advanced settings in order to complete the connection. You can then download the Lovebox app via either Google play or the Apple App store and start sending messages from there. Once I had the app however, it was pretty easy to use.

The message can take a few minutes to send and you are provided with a code you can share with others, so that they too can send messages to the Lovebox. You then receive an alert on your phone to inform you the message has arrived. There are lots of graphics and clip-art type pictures both still and animated and you can send photos as well. It strikes me as a modern day digital postcard reader.

At first I struggled to see the uses of the Lovebox. Yes it’s a cute novel idea, it encourages positivity and love, which I suppose can often be overlooked when sending a text and it’s nice to make a loved one feel valued. However, in this modern world of text messaging and Whatspp, it’s pretty basic and limited in its applications. I do think there is scope to name the sender ‘Santa’ and then send messages to kids throughout the year – maybe something the company can look at….

Unlike a phone, it doesn’t make sounds when a message is received. Which means it can be a while before you realise you have a message but also it’s quite discrete. So could be placed on a desk at work for example and it won’t disrupt your work activities.

It would be nice as a Christmas or Valentines gift between couples or to grandparents who may be less ‘techy’. It certainly is very aesthetically pleasing and would invite curious questions from any visitors.

However, I can see the novelty wearing off pretty fast and in an age when we are surrounded by devices and tech, it does seem a little like overkill. (editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion)

Rating: 3/5

RRP and buy link: 
The Lovebox retails at £107.99 and can be purchased from the Lovebox website here.  Other versions can be bought, including a cheaper one that can’t receive photos. You can also purchase different love hearts for the front of it in order to personalise it a little more. For me it’s quite expensive for what it is, however I can see that it would make a wonderful gift particularly for those looking for something a little different – it certainly shows you care!

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