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Love to Swaddle Up


Australia’s best selling swaddle has finally reached UK shores. Taking the market by storm, LOVE TO SWADDLE UP is the original, patented swaddle that is revolutionising the way parents put their babies to sleep forever. Medical research suggests that, for a better night’s sleep, babies should be swaddled in their natural sleep position with their arms up, not down by their sides or across their chests.

Giving babies access to their hands when sleeping may assist with their development and help them to self soothe. This means both parent and child can have much better quality sleep, with less intervention from the parent to put baby back to sleep.

Already used by hundreds of thousands of babies, LOVE TO SWADDLE UP is so effective because infants are swaddled right every time. Genius design creates a womb-like fit which helps calm the startle reflex and creates a feeling of security. Medical research suggests that babies who are swaddled in this way can settle sooner, sleep better and for longer, giving parents that critical rest and peace of mind. Developed in consultation with various childcare health experts, approved by INPAA (Infant and Nursery Product Association of Australia) and supported by extensive reviews of medical research studies*, the health of babies was the number one priority when developing LOVE TO SWADDLE UP.

Designed in Australia following the SIDS safe sleep guidelines, LOVE TO SWADDLE UP is one of the safest* swaddles in the world. Ergonomically designed to snugly follow the babies shape, it helps reduce the risk of tangling in loose wraps, bedding or blankets and also means that baby will be less likely to wriggle out of it during sleep time. The swaddle has been specially engineered with 360 degree stretch fabric which expands and contracts to fit your baby, helping prevent wrapping baby too tight which has been shown to be dangerous for infants. Made from just one layer of superior quality cotton elastane, the swaddle is breathable and lightweight which reduces the risk of over-heating.

The innovative design boasts a genius twin zipper, allowing for sneaky nappy changes at any hour without having to wake and unwrap the sleeping baby. Other highlights include a label and seam-free interior, a super soft zipper house and a neck band to minimise irritation. There’s even seatbelt access so after a walk parents can move a sleeping baby from stroller to crib – easy!

The LOVE TO SWADDLE UP from LOVE TO DREAM is available in three sizes:
Small 3–6 kgs/6.6-13.2 lbs, Medium 6-8.5 kgs/13.2-18.7 lbs, Large 8.5–11 kgs/18.7-24.3 lbs
Colours include: white, grey, pink, blue. RRP £19.99 each

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