Love To Dream Original Swaddle Review


Reviewed by Lynsey Miller

I have been using the Love to Dream Original Swaddle 1.0 tog for a few nights now with my newborn and it’s great. He sleeps for hours and looks so comfortable and peaceful. There is enough room so he doesn’t seem too squashed but small enough to be nice and snug.

I truly believe that swaddling leads to a much better night’s sleep for you and your baby. And with the Love to Dream Swaddle it is so much easier than with the traditional swaddles available. I sometimes found traditional swaddling to be a bit of a procedure to make sure the baby is swaddled enough that they won’t wriggle free through the night which used to happen a lot with my daughter. So being able to pop baby inside and just zip them up is such a time saver and puts my mind at rest that my son will sleep sound, secure and safe for hours. The double zip is also great. It allows those middle of the night nappy changes to happen without disturbing baby too much by being able to unzip from the bottom just enough to carry out a quick nappy change but keeping the rest of them snug and cozy. Again, unlike original swaddling where you have to unwrap your baby and expose them to the cold which usually led to screaming this is a real game changer!

Now my late night / early morning feeds are so much easier and relaxed now I can just pick my son up to feed and change him and once settled put him back into his Moses basket to sleep until morning all without having to take the swaddle off.

My son so far seems to prefer sleeping with his hands up so the design works well for him, however I’m not sure how it would work for those babies that prefer to be swaddled with their arms by their side as in the traditional swaddle.

The Love to Dream swaddle is made of lovely soft material which appears great quality. I have not washed it yet but am confident it will wash well. The different designs and colours available are adorable. The one sent to me was the Swaddle Up Designer and I love it. I just wish I had invested in one of these with my daughter.

The Love to Dream range is widely stocked and easily available retailing at around £27.99. There are various sizes, togs, materials and patterns to suit any baby as well as different styles available for transitioning your little one once they are slightly older too and suitable for a hip harness.

I would absolutely recommend the Love to Dream to other mums for their babies. And I plan to move onto the Transitional swaddle in the range once my son outgrows the original. It may seem a little pricier compared to other swaddles on the market, but I would say it is worth the extra money. I would give this adorable great quality swaddle 5 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £27.99

This product can be purchased from Love To Dream here.

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