Locks In Goodness Hair Gel and Hair Smoothie Review

Reviewed by Melody Floyde

I was very happy to be asked to review both the Hair Gel and Hair Smoothie from Locks In Goodness, which are hair products for children. Both of my boys (aged 8 and 5) have now reached the age where they are starting to want to have trendy haircuts and they are always asking to use their dad’s hair gel so they can look “cool”. So, the idea of them having their own hair gel, which is made from natural ingredients, really appeals to me. It would also be a great stocking filler idea for Christmas as I can imagine they’d both be very happy to get their own hair products as it would make them feel very grown up.

As it was when the package arrived containing the Hair Gel and Hair Smoothie they were desperate to try both the products. Fortunately for us the arrival of the package also coincided with them having had their Christmas haircuts, so we were all keen to keep their new hair looking great.

The Hair Gel and Hair Smoothie both come in 120ml tubes, which are both very brightly coloured and visually appealing to children with splodges of colour all over. They are designed to complement each other so look great as a pair. The tubes retail at £10.95 each and once opened will last for nine months, although I can’t imagine them lasting that long in our house! As well as looking great, from looking at the Locks In Goodness website I found out that the tubes are made of sugar cane which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable which is amazing as it is so important to use less plastic and both of my boys are very aware of how they should be saving the planet so this will do a little bit for them to help that.

From a bit of investigation on the Locks In Goodness website, and from reading the back of the tubes, I was impressed to see that both of the products are made from 100% plant-based ingredients of natural origin meaning that they are also vegan. All of the ingredients have been approved by the British Soil Association. Added to that they are both over 90% organic which is just what you want for products for children. And as an even better added bonus, because the products contain various natural essential oils, they can also prevent nits and lice, which is amazing.

First off, we tried out the hair gel which says it will spike, shape and fix the hair. It was very easy to use, we just had to apply a blob to wet hair and style as desired, in the case of my five-year-old this was very spiky, so we definitely put the gel through its paces. It was very easy to create a hedgehog style hair do! The gel itself feels very light and is easy to work through the hair, but also does a good job of fixing the hair without making it too solid. My boys have both been going to school this week with their hair styled, and they have come home at the end of the day with their hair still resembling the original style, so I was impressed with how well the gel lasted.

I really liked this hair gel and felt confident putting it in my boys’ hair knowing that it didn’t contain any nasty artificial ingredients and could also be helping them to avoid any nits that are being passed around at school. The only downside for me to the hair gel, was that it has a very strong smell of essential oils. Whilst it isn’t an unpleasant smell, I figured out it was most-likely a combination of cinnamon, cloves and tea tree oil, it was very strong and neither of my boys were very keen on the smell. I did feel a bit awkward sending them off to school smelling so strongly but noticed that the smell does wear off quite quickly once the gel has dried.

Next, we tried the Hair Smoothie, which is a leave-in conditioner designed to detangle and smooth hair. Looking at the back of the tube I can see that, like the hair gel, it is made entirely of natural vegan ingredients. We tried the smoothie at bath time after the boys had their hair washed. It was easy to use; we just applied a squidge of smoothie to their wet hair and worked it through to the ends. It says to use a comb, but I used my fingers and it worked well. We then dried their hair as normal. I was impressed that the smoothie did have a positive effect on their hair, and it felt lovely and soft, and more manageable after we had used it. Once again, the only downside to the smoothie for me was the very strong, slightly overpowering, smell of essential oils.

Overall, I really loved the Locks In Goodness products and I felt very confident using them on my sons’ hair as there were no nasty ingredients to worry about and they both did a great job. I personally would prefer for the products to have a less strong smell which is the only factor which would put me off using the products on a regular basis. But if you’re looking for a great stocking filler idea for stylish children then these would be a great idea.

I give both the smoothie and hair gel 4/5 (marking down by one point due to the smell!).

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10.95 each

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