Lindam XTRA GUARD Dual Locking Drawer Latch Review



Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

With twin boys under the age of 3 who are very curious and into everything, toddler proofing the house is a must, so was delighted when I received the Lindam XTRA GUARD Dual Locking Drawer Latch for review.

Fitting is simple and only takes a few minutes, all that’s needed is a tape measure and a screwdriver. The instructions are clear and, should you need it, there is an instructional video on the Lindam website showing you how to fit it.

First remove the drawer completely from the unit. Then measure 2.5cm from side and 4.5cm from front of unit and screw on the catch. Put the drawer back in. Then align the latch centrally with catch and screw onto the inside of the drawer. Installation is complete in a few easy steps.

Once installed there are 3 options on how to use it:

1 – single locking: by turning the button into the neutral position (horizontal) the drawer opens a couple of centimetres and to open the drawer fully you just pull the button towards you.

2 – double locking: by turning the button anti-clockwise (vertically) the drawer opens a couple of centimetres as before but you cannot pull the button towards you so cannot open the drawer and further, giving dual locking protection. To open the drawer the button needs to be put back into the neutral position.

3 – turn off: by turning the button clockwise you can turn the locking system off completely (only good if no kids around but I wouldn’t recommend it until they are a lot older). Obviously this gives no protection and the drawer opens and closes just as it would with the latch fitted.


Overall this is a great simple and versatile locking system that with stop even the most curious of children taking cutlery or other items out of drawers in the kitchen. Very easy to fit and takes no time at all so it is excellent for parents like me who are constantly chasing around after my twin boys.

A great little, inexpensive device that gives great peace of mind. And with 4 in a pack they are excellent value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.50 (4 pack)

Available to buy from


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