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Legoland Windsor ResortLEGOLAND Windsor

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I was so excited about reviewing LEGOLAND Windsor. We set off in the car and followed the directions once we got closer to the attraction. Upon arrival we found a space in a carpark just a short walk from the main entrance. I remembered from a previous visit that there were toilets before you go in which is an amazing idea, especially for those with small children or those travelling long distances. We have Merlin Annual Passes but had some friends with us and some helpful members of staff told us where our friends could buy their tickets. After a short time we were in the park.

Firstly we headed off to Raft Racers so that the older kids could go on the ride. Whilst we were waiting for them to come off the ride, we bought some refillable drinks which worked out at 2 for £12. These were great, especially given what a hot day it was. The children then all went on the DUPLO Train which was great. Another ride we went on was Fairytale Brook. My twins were mesmerised looking at all the characters as we travelled round in a boat. We then headed off to Miniland where we looked in awe at the amazing displays, clearly hours and hours of work by an amazing team. We particularly liked the race course parts of Miniland and watching the London Underground train go from station to station. We then headed over to Viking River Splash which was a thrilling rapids ride. At times we went up the side and we got very wet too which was fun and as it was a very hot day we dried very quickly. Other rides we went on in that area were The Spinning Spider and Jolly Rocker pirate ship. By this time it was getting close to the closing time of the park, so we made our last ride the Dragon.

Of course not everyone went on every ride. What struck me most was what a fantastic range of rides were available for people of all ages. We had kids with us ranging from 3 to 13 years old and all of them had a lovely day. We used plenty of the toilet facilities and found them to be clean and well checked. We didn’t stop to have a sit down lunch, we just bought some hot dogs and carried on with our day. They were nice and filling. Prices were as you would expect at an attraction. The refillable drinks worked out to be brilliant value and the kids loved the brightly designed containers which they came in.

LEGOLAND is a fantastic day out for all the family. It’s so accessible from many areas. My hope one day is to make it an overnighter and stay at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost £49.20 for an adult, £45 for a child but you can save 25% by booking online 7 days + in advance.

For more information or to book tickets visit

LEGOLAND® Windsor Park Ltd, Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY


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