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Learning Resources Magnetic Space Sudoku Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

I I have been completing Sudoku challenges for quite a lot of years now ever since the logic puzzle became popular in the UK. I like the challenge that the number logic puzzles give my brain, I often try out harder and harder ones. I like that they get my mind working as well as them being great to pass the time especially if I’m travelling.

My children have often watched me completing the squares and have asked about them. My eldest son in particular has taken an interest in them. He really likes maths and solving logic problems. He’s had an attempt at a few Sudoku puzzles before but we’ve not come across many designed for children, but then we were sent a product from Learning Resources. The Magnetic Space Sudoku is suitable for children aged 4+ and helps children learn to solve both number and picture based Sudoku puzzles.

The game arrived in a compact cardboard box. The easy to remove lid then forms the game board. Inside the box are 36 game cards all of which are double sided, creating a total of 72 puzzles to be solved. There are also 36 magnetic pieces featuring images of cartoon aliens or numbers. A game board slots into the lid and then the pieces are placed on and with them being magnetic they won’t slide around. I think this is great as there are a lot of small pieces and they are much less likely to get lost as they tend to stick together. This also makes it an ideal activity to bring along on the go with us. We have a holiday planned over the Summer and this will keep my children busy and quiet whilst we are travelling or if they need something to occupy them whilst we are away from home.

The first Sudoku puzzles start off easy. The game cards are numbered and also feature dots indicating the difficulty from level 1 to 5. The first puzzles are simple 4×4 grids which are mostly filled in. They then move on to a larger 6×6 grid. The puzzles get trickier to solve as the child grows and learns and needs more of a challenge. One of my favourite features of the game is that each card is double sided. One side has a number Sudoku to solve but the other side has the same puzzle but featuring cute cartoon alien pictures. I think this is great for younger children who might not be as confident with numbers yet. There is also an easy to follow instruction booklet included which shows how to play and also explains the educational benefits.

The Magnetic Space Sudoku is exceptionally high quality. Each piece is well made and the design well thought out. Another great product from Learning Resources. We have quite a collection as I find all their products expertly get the balance between being fun and engaging to children whilst also helping their development.

Both of my children have enjoyed the Learning Resources Magnetic Space Sudoku. They have found it really engaging, becoming immersed in the puzzles. It’s great to find a toy which we can take along travelling that keeps them away from screens. Plus it helps to develop maths, logic and critical thinking skills.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.00

This product can be purchased from the Learning Resources website here.

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