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Laundrapp Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Laundrapp is a new dry cleaning and laundry service that is operating around most of London, as well as Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Gloucester, Bristol and Liverpool. It offers a fairly comprehensive range of services, from the standard (suits, dresses, shirts washed and ironed) to the unusual (shoe repair, bedding and tablecloths).

This company’s main selling point is it doesn’t have any premises that you can drop clothes into, but instead offers to collect and deliver your clothes from your work or your home, free of charge. Services are booked via their website and accompanying app (which is just a mobile version of the website). Since this is the main portal to Laundrapp’s services, much care and attention has clearly been spent on making the website clear and easy to use. The visuals are bright, and the process for ordering simply, uncluttered, and well set out.

The process for ordering is relatively simple. After a quick postcode check, to see if Laundrapp service your address, you simply choose your items from their interactive list, enter your address and desired time slot for delivery from the options provided. Collection and delivery slots run from 7am to 11pm in one hour time slots. Slots seem to be fairly easy to come by, and with a day’s notice are available fairly frequently throughout the day. Turnaround times are also predictable, at around 24 hours for most laundry and dry cleaning.

Prices are a bit more expensive than you’d find at your local dry cleaner, but fair when you factor in the cost of collection and delivery, which are advertised as “free” on the website, but are clearly just absorbed into the standard prices. A 6kg bag of laundry costs £14.50, a shirt washed and ironed costs £2.50, and a 2 piece suit £11.00. Laundrapp also run a number of special offer bundle deals, which save a decent amount of money. For instance, while an individual shirt costs £2.50, a 5 shirt package costs £10, which is a 20% saving and good value for money.

For my review, I tasked Laundrapp with a “standard” 6kg bag of miscellaneous laundry, and a suit to be dry cleaned. I picked a Friday evening 7pm-8pm pickup slot, and a Sunday evening delivery time, again for 7pm-8pm. It must be said, the pickup was less than seamless. To begin with, the driver was 10 minutes late. When he did knock at the door, his manner was quite brusque and harried: “Fill this”, he demanded, thrusting their laundry bag at me when he arrived. Having done so, and provided my suit, the driver turned away without a smile or pleasantry of any kind. His lateness and manner implied that he was under pressure, and it showed. The delivery of my laundry, though, was a total change. The driver arrived at 7.10pm, and was courteous and friendly in dropping off my laundry – smiling and joking throughout. Clearly it’s a small sample size, but when 50% of their employees are not up to scratch in customer service terms, it does raise questions.

The quality of the cleaning, however, can’t really be faulted at all. My suit came back spotless and well pressed, hung neatly on separate hangers. The laundry was delivered in a big shrink-wrapped plastic bag, with the contents densely packed within. This was clearly a measure to ensure the clothes stayed folded through the delivery process, which was fine for my collection of t-shirts and jeans. I didn’t try any delicate items this time but I assume they would be packed in a different manner. All in all, I was impressed with the Laundrapp service. The website was slick and easy to use, and the service largely well-orchestrated. Despite my pickup driver being late and slightly rude, that is one employee, and it would probably be unfair to tar the whole operation with that one brush. However, it does prevent me from giving Laundrapp full marks, despite otherwise sterling service.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Laundrapp again and will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information or to download the app visit www.laundrapp.com.

4 half Star

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