Lascal MAXI BuggyBoard Review


Reviewed by Mel Magnan

I am so glad I received the Lascal MAXI BuggyBoard to review as my three year old grandson is having to walk to and from his playschool, which is a good half hour there and back! As his little brother sits in the buggy, his little legs need a helping hand and now they will, for his Easter present he will be getting the Lascal MAXI BuggyBoard.

The Lascal MAXI BuggyBoard is safe, comfortable and positions your child between your arms for extra security, and even in the busiest places will be a fun way of getting him to and from playschool, instead of him having to walk.

The BuggyBoard is suitable from the age of two up to 20kg. It has universal fittings so works with 99% of pushchairs, prams and strollers. Due to its Easy Fit system no tools are required to fit it. When not in use, the BuggyBoard can be hooked up behind the buggy using the hook and attaching the strap to a higher point on the buggy.

The BuggyBoard itself is cool looking, very colourful (it is available in several colour options), strong and hard wearing. The tyres are rubber, so should last for many miles. It also features a suspension, has side reflectors and a large anti-slip surface with side protection frame. The wheels are positioned far enough apart so that it is very easy for the person pushing the buggy to walk behind.

There is also a very cool looking BuggyBoard Saddle (purchased separately) which transforms the ride on board into a seat for young children, if the toddler prefers to sit instead of standing. Again, no special tools required to fit it.

There is a video if you need to check how to fix the BuggyBoard onto the buggy itself. The BuggyBoard has to be disconnected from the buggy if the buggy is going to be folded up. You can purchase another connecter kit if you have more than one buggy which saves you having to remove the connecters every time.

The BuggyBoard is also warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for a year under normal use. 

My grandson is so happy not to have to walk everywhere. The BuggyBoard is fantastic, it’s very easy to fit and use and with a happy toddler it means happy parents/grandparents!!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £74.99

The Lascal MAXI BuggyBoard can be purchased from

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