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KoziKidzAllInOneKozi Kidz Waterproof All-in-One and Rain Bootees


Reviewed by Cath Little

As I took the Kozi Kidz waterproof all-in-one and rain bootees, both in lilac, from their envelope, my first impression was a real ‘wow’ at the colour. All too often, baby clothes are the boring blue or pink. The attractive lilac, with bright red zips makes a welcome change to that!

The clothes feel beautifully made: the all-in-one zips have a waterproof topper and having two makes it a cinch to get the suit on and off even my very wriggly 9 month old; the removable hood has a peak to stop rain getting in little faces; the all-in-one is fully lined and the rain bootees have a soft, fleecy lining.

Sewn in name tags mean the clothes are ready for nursery and a space for a ‘return to sender’ phone number means they’re even more ready for out and about wear. In fact, the only improvement I could suggest would be some way to attach he bootees to the all-in-one.

We did a thorough road test of the clothes: firstly out and about with baby in a carrier. With a cardigan beneath, the lined all-in-one was warm enough and kept my little one dry. The fit was good, even over a big real nappy bottom. The bootees also fitted well, with the Velcro fastening giving some room for flexibility over size. They mainly stayed on well, but one did come lose in the running for the bus test!

Clambering around the playground, baby was comfortable and kept dry. Given the time of year, we didn’t test this too extensively, but I feel convinced that April showers and even the worst of Britain’s summer weather would be easy in the Kozi Kidz get up.

KoziKidzRainBooteesOverall, whoever said that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing, was spot on in my view. It seems that Kozi Kidz have the same philosophy. The all-in-one works well in the winter with a fleece or warm jumper underneath, but will be perfect for spring and summer outdoor fun. We often use a sling rather than a buggy and it’s great to have warm rain bootees that (mainly) stay firmly on baby’s feet. The attractive colour is a welcome plus!

At an RRP of £39.80 (all-in-one) and £15 (rain bootees), this isn’t the cheapest way to keep your baby dry. However, there’s no denying that the quality is excellent and I feel this makes it a good choice for those not watching the pennies too closely.

Rating: 4.5/5

Available to buy in several different colours from www.kozikidz.com.

4 half Star

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