Knowsley Safari Park Review

Knowsley Safari Park

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot & Family

We recently took the kids on an afternoon outing to Knowsley Safari Park. It was well signposted from the motorway and easy to get to. Upon arrival we were given a fantastic guidebook which contained a map of the safari park and useful pictures and information. We then set off to the car park area to use the toilet facilities and take the aerial off of the car in case any of the animals took a fancy to it. There was a helpful sign to warn visitors that this would be the last chance to use the facilities for a certain number of miles. The toilet facilities were clean and tidy. There was also somewhere to buy food and drink and plenty of picnic benches.

We then set off on our drive around the park. We saw a fantastic range of animals such as camels, rhinos, deer, ostriches, lions and tigers. My partner and all the children loved the ride through the lion enclosure most of all. I can’t say I was as keen myself. My one year old baby twins screeched with excitement when they saw the animals, especially the lions. They were looking at the animals the whole way around the park. The park has a car friendly route for those who are not keen to have the baboons on their car. We watched in amusement as cars drove through the baboon enclosure with extra passengers on top of the car.

After doing the driving part of the park we spotted a fantastic picnic area. We had come for the afternoon and so didn’t opt for a picnic, but we would if we went another time. We drove past this area and parked near the elephants and giraffes. Both the younger and older children in our party were fascinated by the elephants. We then walked over to the giraffes and watched them being fed. 

The highlight of my 7 year olds day was spotting some animal poo on the floor! We got back in the car and then parked near the restaurant and fairground rides. We had all inclusive wristbands for the rides, but it is also possible to pay for each ride.  My boys (aged 1) had their first ride on a merry go round and laughed and grinned the whole way around. The older children loved that too, plus made their way around most of the rides in the fairground area. Particular favourites were the roller coaster and pirate ship. We didn’t manage to see the sea lions or birds of prey show, but hope to on another visit. The bugs house was great and all of us were fascinated (if not slightly terrified in my case) by the snakes. 

All of the staff we came across were professional and approachable. We are thinking about purchasing their annual passes which are fantastic value. We bought some chips and drinks in the restaurant which were tasty and really good value.

Not only is it a great fun day out but it is also very educational.

Rating: 5/5

Please see for opening times, pricing and information.

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