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Reviewed by Mel S-W

I was so excited to test out the Kelly Loves bundle.  When I received it, it was all carefully packaged in the box the packaging of the products were so bright and really stood out.  Within the package I received Seaweed Rice Crisps, Ramune, Sweet Soy Sauce, Kimchi and Matcha Green Tea.  The problem was… Where to start!

Firstly, who are Kelly Loves.  The company is the one of a few brands created by the very determined Kelly Choi.  I was very impressed reading the bio on the website.  I like that only the products liked by Kelly’s daughter make it onto their website.  Its just great that strong female entrepreneurs is able to take control of their own business and product range.

So … What about the products…  The first thing to try when I ripped open the box were the Seaweed Rice Crisps (Current RRP £1.64  They are so morish!  They are gluten free and suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.  The remind me a little bit of an extremely thin prawn cracker which were seaweed backed.  They don’t taste greasy and they have a great crunch when you bite into them which is brilliant.

Kimchi Spicy Korean fermented cabbage (current RRP £1.79  Now Kimchi isn’t something that I would normally buy but i was excited to try it.  This product is made from fermented cabbage that also contains onions, red pepper and garlic.  The kimchi came in a pouch.  I can picture myself eating this with sushi or Korean BBQ style meats however we had it together with a Asian style dish.  It was tangy, tasty and versatile because you can eat it with anything.

Ramune (current RRP £2.55 per bottle, absolutely love this Ramune.  Such a light taste which is more delicate than a traditional lemonade.  The lemonade wasn’t overly fizzy which was great because otherwise it would overflow when opened.  We really liked the bottle design, and it’s important to follow the instructions on the bottle to be able to open it.  Inside the wrapper there is a green “bottle opener” this will help you to push the glass bottle stopper down into the bottle.  Definitely one to add to my shopping basket.  It would be good to have sugar free versions of this as we try to reduce our sugar intake as a family.

Another item that will definitely be added to my basket is the Sweet Soy Sauce (current RRP £3.95  This was delicious as a dipping sauce for the Seaweed crisps but was also nice over rice.  It was sweet and sticky and so morish!  The sweet spot sauce was quite thick and coated anything that was dipped in it.  I would use this in a lot of cooking as well, from marinades to sauces. So tasty!

The next item that we had to try was the Matcha green tea powder (current RRP £3.99  The packaging on this was bright and modern.  I’ve never had Matcha tea before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  Where it was described as a powder, I was expecting something finely ground and uninviting but the tea seemed very natural.  I found that I wasn’t a fan of the tea, but I do struggle with green teas anyway.  Its a very versatile product and I’m looking forward to trying Matcha cupcakes or using it in a face mask.

What I loved about the Kelly Loves bundle, was that the cost for this bundle was really low.  It meant that if I was purchasing items from the website, I could order an array of products to test out and if I didn’t like a product it wouldn’t break the bank.  I would definitely buy the items I have tested, minus the Matcha Green Tea Powder, unfortunately it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Rating: 4/5

Prices vary, the items reviewed cost between £1.64 -£3.99

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