KALME Undercoat Review

KalmeUndercoatKALME Undercoat

Reviewed by Sharon McDermott

The KALME Undercoat from The Skin Shop really helped my skin. I have very sensitive skin that flares up to an unsightly red tone from a lot of irritants and have tried many creams and lotions to try and calm this, usually to no avail.

This is a lightweight lotion that quickly absorbed into the skin, I loved that it didn’t have any strong perfume smell that you can get with a lot of moisturisers (that usually lead to skin irritation for me due to the added perfume).

This definitely reduced redness, you can use it underneath your usual moisturiser, however I have been using it as my stand alone moisturiser as felt I did not need any extra. I will definitely be using this again and looking into the rest of the KALME range.

A must for people with dry/sensitive skin.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £17 (75ml), £26 (150ml)

Available to buy from The Skin Shop here.


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