KALME Chameleon Concealer Review

Reviewed by Lucy Gwilliam 

I am a self-confessed makeup addict and if there’s a product out that there that is worth trying, then I need to try it. I had heard about chameleon concealers and had tried a few a few years ago when they first came about but wasn’t really impressed with the one I tried. However, when I was asked to review the KALME Chameleon Concealer, I read the reviews online and was highly impressed. With such high expectations, I couldn’t wait to try it. 

The concealer arrived quickly after it had been ordered and was well packaged. I was impressed with the high-quality packaging of the product and was excited to try it. However, I had recently had an allergic reaction on my face, so I had to wait until this had gone down before testing out the product. 

After a few days, I only had a small amount of the allergic reaction rash left and my skin felt much calmer, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try out the concealer on my red checks. 

I had learned from my previous mistake and decided to test a small amount of the product on my skin before committing to a large space to check for an allergic reaction. I have super sensitive skin and I have to be very careful what chemicals I put on my face. I waited 24 hours to see if I had a reaction and it was fine. 

I proceeded to apply the concealer to my problem areas on my cheeks, around my nose and under my eyes. It starts off as a green shade but as you rub it in with circular motions with your fingers, it slowly starts to match your skin colour. I added my normal foundation on top and was impressed with the results. My rash was covered and my skin looked fresh and hydrated, hiding my rash on my cheeks very well. 

The KALME Chameleon Concealer has a SPF20 and contains ingredients to help calm and conceal redness and uneven skin tones, reduce sensitivity, protect from UV damage as well as improve moisturisation and reduce capillary leakage. I was really attracted to it because of these key points. I use a foundation with a SPF20, so feels it’s important to also use a concealer with the same protection to keep my skin protected as well as hiding my imperfections on my face. 

The concealer contains a caper extract called Derma Sensitive, which has been proven in clinical trials to reduce skin redness and sensitivity by up to 70%. This is important to me due to my sensitive skin. 

In addition, it contains Biolin, a skin prebiotic proven to repair the skin barrier to improve moisture retention in the skin and reduce capillary leakage.

KALME Chameleon Concealer leaves you with a velvety and luxurious feel to your skin, it has advanced tone-matching technology and airbrush-effect particles for correcting and concealing red and uneven complexions for a flawless finish.

It claims to contain a mineral SPF20 that’s non-irritating to sensitive skin and helps calm down inflammation and combat spots.

I am very keen on avoiding unnecessary chemicals, especially on my face, and KALME Chameleon Concealer SPF20 is FREE from parabens, perfumes, SLS and MI and is made from naturally active ingredients that have been clinically tested for highly sensitive skins and skins prone to redness and spots, perfect for my skin. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the concealer. It was much better than previous colour matching concealers I had previously used. I like how it made my skin feel and I would definitely continue to use this in future, it is a keeper in my ever-expanding makeup bag. I would rate this 5/5 and recommend it to a friend.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.95

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