Junior Macare Review

Reviewed by Stacey Struthers



“The Junior Macare philosophy is simple; Premium Quality, Functionality, Affordability & Accessibility.” The Range extension includes;

Non-spill handled cup with soft spout
Non-spill cup with soft spout
Sports sipper with flip up straw
Finger grip cup with soft spout

We loved the Junior Macare range of baby/infant cups. They look fabulous with bright colours such hot pink with lime green lid, royal blue with lemon and lime green with a royal blue. They feel and look like a quality product and have received admiring looks and comments from other mothers.

The range is exceptional value at £2.99 each and BPA free. They are well designed. We particularly liked the design of the sports sipper cup with flip up straw. In fact, I wouldn’t mind one for myself!

My six month old found it easy to hold the handled cup and the soft spout made the transition from a bottle easier as it feels like a teat. The non-spill feature of the cup also meant that the carpet, my baby and I all stayed dry!

These funky cups are also easy to clean, very important for busy mums.

There were two things we would change. Firstly, there are no measurements up the side of the cups, so liquids need to be measured out before being put in. This is less relevant to the later stage cups, but would be helpful on the 1st stage one.

Secondly, the lids detach completely from the cups, making them easily buried in the bottom of your bag or thrown from the stroller!

We found the snacker is great for teething babies, simply put some ice cubes in and let your baby chew away.

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