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Jofli Bears

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

When this package arrived and it was opened I thought how cute the beautiful cuddly teddy bears for my 2½ year old twin boys were! I was right but there is so much more to this package. We received the Double Jofli Starter Kit that contains a standard 30cm Jofli and mini 20cm Jofli on one backpack.

The bears come with a backpack that contains a smaller and equally cute teddy and a specially titled book where memories are related, like a diary but so much more goes into it.

Now our boys have their own designated PA in the form of their older 9 year old sister who has taken it upon herself to make all the entries into Tom & Jack’s adventures.

So much can be put into the book. At the moment we, or should I say the boys PA, has put in days out and playing outside. There is no limit to what can be put in and the boys have their beautiful teddy bears to join in the adventures along the way.

The adventure book is easy to use and add to as the design is similar to a normal folder. Pages can be added or taken out. It is very well packaged and the bears are so beautiful I can see them being kept for the longest time.

I really like the concept as in years to come we will be able to look back at the memories we are creating now. I find it refreshing in this digital age that this involves actually writing. As well as being fun it’s a great educational tool for the boy’s older sister. You can even register your bear online and map out your bear’s journey’s and travels!

I would highly recommend this idea. It’s brilliant and educational! The boys love their bears and their sister loves them as she is the organiser and boss of them! This is a great way to record childhood memories of where your child and bear have been and their adventures.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Prices start from £5 (keyring) to £45 (double Jofli)

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