JML Ped Egg Power Review

Reviewed by Jo Flaherty

The Ped Egg Power is Ped Egg’s newest evolution, following on from the original Ped Egg.  The Ped Egg Power is cordless (2x AA batteries required, not included) and consists of a rotating abrasive roller and an interchangeable smoothing roller, and claims to remove calluses and dead skin.

I look after my feet fairly well, but after a British winter they could do with a little tlc before they see the light of day. I used the Ped Egg Power for a week, mainly on my heels. Even after the first use there was a big difference in how my feel felt. The skin was visibly and tangibly softer, even without the use of any creams. I decided not to use any foot cream whilst I was trying out the Ped Egg so as to see the real effects and benefits. If you have used the original Ped Egg, apart from the obvious aesthetic differences, you will notice that the Ped Egg Power feels much better, and you don’t feel as though you are grating your feet so much. The abrasive roller works really well on its own, with little effort required – in fact if you press too hard it stops rotating, protecting your feet from overenthusiastic application; in conjunction with the smoothing roller it really gives your feet a much smoother feel.


I’ve only used the Ped Egg Power for a week and there is already a noticeable difference. Obviously, results would depend on each individual, but I would say that after a few weeks of regular use you might only need to use it once a week to maintain the condition of your feet. I should think that in conjunction with foot cream your feet will be summer sandal ready in no time. In the time I’ve been trialling the product I couldn’t say how long the abrasive heads would last, or how quickly the batteries are used up, so I’ll write a brief update after a few weeks, but so far, I’m impressed. Replacement rollers are available.

So much more comfortable than the original Ped Egg and pumice before that.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from JML Direct here and all good JML stockists including Robert Dyas, Asda, Argos, Boots and Wilkos.

4 Star

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