Jersey Boys At The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham Review


Reviewed by Katy Nettleton

Oh, What A Night! Indeed, this was a foot tapping, belly laughing, thought provoking performance that was far beyond my expectations. A great way to step back into Musical Theatre after my Covid absence!
If I am entirely honest, I was not too sure what to expect on this evening. I had read a lot of good reviews for Jersey Boys but was not aware of the story line. However, honestly, the way in which the cast worked together, told a story through the medium of strong acting and singing this was not a prerequisite.

It did start slowly, with the plot setting and initially I was worried that the voices of the Tommy DeVito (played by Dalton Wood), and Nick Massi (played by Lewis Griffiths), Bod Guidio (played by Blair Gibson) and the infamous Franki Valli – or even Valley played by Michael Pickering were not strong enough to carry such a performance. How mistaken could I be. As the performance moved, on so did their voices as they moved from one stage of their journey to the next, with amazing harmonies that just got the audience singing along.

The show developed around the lives of the 4 lads, thrown into musical success and the trials and tribulations that comes with that from family pressures to adoring fans following, including gambling. For me, this made me feel for the characters, understand their despair and conflict between life “on the road” and settling down. This was offset, with humour and belly laughs, particular with the entrance of Barry and many of the other characters Damien Winchester played. His voice is exceptional, but comedy timing, interpretation was flawless.

This show reminded me of watching Dirty Dancing many moons ago, to the modern-day Love Actually (I think the similarities of the songs may have helped this). If a show can life your spirits, get you singing and laughing, it’s a success in my eyes. This truly made my heart swell with happiness, from being back in the Theatre and experience a professional and flawless performance.

At the start, fully reflective of the script, the songs were little less known by the audience, however as the “band’s” success rose as did the level of audience singing along with classics such as, Bye Bye Baby, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Big Girl’s Don’t Cry (in no particular order!). This musical is for all ages.

The staging was brilliant, with little interruption between scenes, and movement between time. The changes reflected the new “decades” of the band, and its growth. At one point, it really did feel like you were sat watching the concert behind the band and being one of the “groupies”.

A review could not be complete without praising the vocal range of Michael Pickering, it was truly perfect, strong and the admiration I have for his music has no words. He truly brought the character to life, from what I thought was an average singing range to impressive control, key, and tone. I was mesmerised by this, and the voice has a place on the stage.

Overall, I would give this 5 out 5, and say it is a definite show to get everyone singing along. The standing ovation at the end verifies that the whole audience was captivated and taken on a journey with excellent staging, music and interpretation.

The show is on from Wednesday 14th September 2022 until Saturday 24th September 2022

Tickets cost from £25.00 and can be booked by visiting Jersey Boys, Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham ( or phoning the box office on 0115 989 5555

Rating: 5/5

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Theatre Square, Nottingham, NG1 5ND

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