James Bond 50th Anniversary Playing Cards Review

James Bond 50thAnniversary
Playing Cards

Reviewed by Paul Harvey

These playing cards come in a sturdy little cardboard presentation box, which keeps the cards together, clean and tidy.

This a special edition set of playing cards to celebrate 50 years of 007 James Bond.

Each card has a ‘50 years of 007’ picture on one side. Then on the playing-card side on each card is a picture of a scene from a 007 film and words stating the particular film and the actor / actress’ name and screen name.

This is a novel item to celebrate this James Bond milestone, but unfortunately I feel they are not as good as they could have been.

Even though there are 55 cards the scene pictures do not cover all the James Bond films and it would have been nice for the year of each film to be noted on the card too.

Overall this is probably a good collector’s item for any James Bond fan to own, but I do feel that they could have been made much more appealing with a couple of improvements. These are priced reasonably priced on Amazon.

It would seem that there is a second set of these playing cards which features the other films. This then doubles this price, when they could have just made one pack featuring all the films.

Rating: 4/5

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