Jackson Live in Concert starring Ben Review

Jackson Live in Concert
Starring Ben

Reviewed by Charlotte Green

I set off to the Grove Theatre in Dunstable with a slight feeling of doubt. I was about to see Jackson Live in Concert, starring Ben. I was unsure that anyone could really be good enough to do justice to the icon that is Michael Jackson. However, just two minutes into the show and I was blown away! The look, the moves, the voice, it was all spot on. The atmosphere in the audience was electric. If you didn't know that Michael was dead you would have thought it was the real thing.

The live band and dancers were amazing. The dance moves were fierce and all the costumes were brilliant. The choreography was spectacular. Every move was expertly done and in perfect time with the music. The lighting was very effective and was the perfect finishing touch to the show. Everything fitted together perfectly.

Ben was incredible. He looked, sounded and moved just like Michael Jackson. You could feel his passion through every word he sang. He was not only singing and dancing, he was telling the story of Michael Jackson through his music. It was a perfect tribute act.

Any Michael Jackson fans out there, go see Jackson Live in Concert, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5/5

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