J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Reviewed by Kelvin Tebbs

Sleeping on a plane can certainly be a challenge and thus we are usually willing to embrace any technology which is designed to help us get the very best sleep possible, even more so for people like myself, who are not able to afford the luxuries that ‘first class’ cabins have to offer, such as the reclinable beds.

With today’s healthy lifestyles and innovate technology, lightweight and ergonomic travel pillows have become extremely fashionable and are now deemed an essential for the regular traveller. With a vast array of styles available, we are often drawn to designs and features which would best serve our own needs to assist with our comfort on flights.

As a seasoned traveller myself, usually crossing the Atlantic on long haul flights every 3 to 4 months, I have tried a fair few travel pillows in my time with varying success. In fact, I’m writing this review from a villa in Orlando after using my J-Pillow for the first time on a transatlantic flight.

Many pillows are designed on the principle that ‘one size fits all’ but we all know that as human beings, neck and head sizes definitely vary on an individual basis. You only need to try and buy a man’s dress shirt or a hat to realise this. Therefore, a product which caters for such variance, is likely to appeal to the masses whom like me, travel for both leisure and business purposes.

I was very excited to receive my J-Pillow in the post which was delivered via the Royal Mail in a grey, plastic parcel, mailing bag. The travel pillow was folded inside its own navy blue, carry bag labelled ‘J-Pillow’ (green lettering outlined in white along with the logo of a smiling face) which can be seen on both the front and back sides of the carry bag. The bag also has a handy pull cord to ensure the pillow doesn’t fall out and this can be used to tie the pillow to your ‘hold luggage’ ready for the flight ahead. The bag not only helps to protect the pillow but it also keeps it neatly contained.

J-Pillow is a patented and award-winning design with 7 pillow options for its use.

A cardboard, removable sleeve is wrapped around the pillow which has a picture of a lady sleeping using the pillow on the front of the sleeve. The sleeve also highlights in English, German and French language, that there are ‘7 pillows in 1’ for its use, that the pillow is machine washable and it also demonstrates that it can be used not only for sleeping on a plane but for reading in bed, watching TV and working on the computer too.

On the reverse of the cardboard sleeve, again written in English, French and German, the 7 various pillow uses along with diagrams are provided. Not only can it be used as a head rest pillow with neck support but the pillow can also be used as an arm rest and lumbar support too. I found this information to be handy because I wouldn’t have imagined all those possibilities myself without a little guidance.

The pillow has a soft plush fabric cover (feels like soft velvet) and made of 100% polyester. The filling is also made of 100% polyester and is also fire retardant to BS5852 source 2. A label with this information is sewn into the seam of the pillow along with the washing instructions and the company’s business details.

The J-Pillow company is based in Cheshire, U.K. although the pillow itself is made in China. Their company website is as follows; As per the website, I believe there are a few colours available to choose from but I preferred the classic navy blue colour.

Unlike other pillows which have washable external fabric covers, the J-Pillow is designed without any zips so you can literally put the whole pillow in the washing machine (on a 40 degree wash) and it can also be tumbled dried on a low temperature too. For the majority of us, time is a precious commodity so anything that speeds up any washing/drying process is welcomed. Secondly, zips can be uncomfortable to lie on, hair can get caught or tangled up in them, zips can leave imprints or damage other fabrics (I.e. Leather sets in a car) and the zips themselves can deteriorate over time, especially when made of metal and are being washed. To have a machine washable travel pillow but without a zip is a total bonus in my opinion.

Should you travel without the pillow bag, the pilllow also has an extra design feature of a loop of fabric with a popper sewn on, thus allowing the pillow to get clipped onto your luggage or backpack rather than having to be carried by hand.

This J-Pillow is a great practical gift idea for Christmas, either for a family member or friend whom regularly travels. Alternatively, children are notoriously known for falling asleep in the car so the J-Pillow could help to support sleepy heads from rolling around too much and it certainly helped stop me from waking up with a stiff neck after falling asleep in an awkward position on the plane.

I would rate this product as 4/5. The only thing which I feel may improve the product design further, would be to include a neck clip so that the pillow doesn’t fall out of position once the user falls asleep. Many other pillows on the market have this additional feature and it is one which I feel is particularly beneficial. I will certainly be bringing along my J-Pillow as my travel companion on future adventures.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £24.95

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