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Hunkydory Crafts Dot to Diamonds Review

Reviewed by Laura Ashworth

In our home we do get very excited when it comes to crafts, so when we were asked by Hunkydory to review some pieces we were all quite excited. Especially my eldest, who likes a more mature crafting session using quality products as he can get lost floundering around in his younger siblings disorganised craft boxes. The products we were sent were:

  • Dots to Diamonds Papercraft Pad 3 – 32 foiled sheets – 8 designs x 4 of each – Gold & Silver.
  • Mirri Mats Rainbow 6×6 Block.
  • Double sided tape.
  • 10 6×6 Card blanks and envelopes – Dove white – Ink me!
  • 9 x Assorted Diamond sparkles – Self-adhesive Gemstones – 120 pcs per pack.

The first thing on my son’s agenda was a birthday card for his friend. He started with one of the blank Ink Me! cards (RRP: £3.50) which boasts to be compatible for stamping, spritzing etc. and as an avid crafter myself, I had to see how it held under multiple layers of wet mediums as anyone who makes cards etc. will know there can be huge problem with the card warping, even the most expensive cards can present this issue, it is in all honestly the bane of any crafter/artists life! He used a green pigment pad and stamped the card to build up the intensity, allowing air drying time inbetween and roughly did 5 layers. The card DID NOT warp in the slightest (as seen in the picture below). He chose the gold dots template and used the Gorgeous Greens Gemstones to compliment it using the very handy dark grey dots to guide him. When he was finished we used the double sided sticky tape to attach it to the card, this was very easy to use and it was nice to use something strong without the need to get out the glue. Next he used the same ink pad with a slight dusting of embossing powder for his chosen text which we used a hairdryer to set. The heat did not undo the sticky tape or cause either piece of card to buckle.

Me and my other children could not help using some more of the templates from the Dots to Diamonds pad (RRP: £19.99) as we were very eager to use some of these beautifully delicate gemstones. We were sent a spectrum of colours from black to my new favourite “Aurora Borealis” which just reminds me of all the beauty in the universe, it reflects so many colours and so vividly. They are self-adhesive, I must point out a few of them detached from the glue when removing them from the plastic but the glue dots also remove very easily so it was not problem at all to bring the two back together and it did not affect the quality of the gemstone or its ability to stick to the card. They each come in a pack of 120 and have tiny, small and medium or 3mm, 5mm and 7mm stones on each sheet. Most of the packs I was sent, except Crystal and Black, Gold and Silver, Aurora Borealis and Festive Selection, were all gradient gems ranging from light to dark, for example, Precious Purples range from lilac to pinky purple to dark magenta to the most enchanting deep purple, each pack has 4 levels of gradient and really does set the creativity running wild.

The last thing we all played with was the Mirri Mats 6×6 Rainbow Pack (RRP: £11.99). I’m sure like most of you reading this, I have a huge weakness for anything holographic silver but often I find that yes it is holographic silver but it lacks personality, however with these, which have been perfectly named by the way, it is like a huge heavenly galactic rainbow with solid rainbow bars forming on top of the fainter rainbow colours when the light hits the card. We made ours into raindrops and hung them on a string by the window, they are breath-taking the way the catch the light when they move in the breeze.

Overall, I am very pleased with what I have had the opportunity to try from Hunkydory. I did not know up until now that Hunkydory existed as I have never seen their products at any of the stockists I use, however I have located their website and can honestly say I will be placing an order soon. The quality of the products I used were top standard, I am very impressed with the Ink Me! cards and will without a doubt will be switching to these for my own use from now on.

They make an excellent screen-free activity during the holidays for the whole family or just as an individual activity for craft loving and creative adults.

I would rate everything 5 out of 5 and more.

Rating: 5/5

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