How to Structure and Write a Persuasive Essay?

Writing is a crucial skill to survive. But if you are a student and you need to make an assignment for the class, how do you create an interesting argument that concludes with a solution. Its simple, you break up your argument in several pieces according to a certain purpose and start working on it.

Ask a Question

This was very obvious, but you better understand the question before you ask it. If you don’t, you are destined to fail before you even start. So, if you have any doubts (which most likely you do), you need to double or triple check before you jot and create a mess.

Create the Basic Structure

You need to break your argument in several parts to create an outline of your essay. Make sure that every point in the question is added in this outline. If you need some help doing it, get an essay planning sample.

Do Your Research

You can’t accomplish a well-written essay without doing proper research. Therefore, you need to take your time and gather as much information as possible. You need to use every resource at your disposal.  Gather as much material as you can to create, resolve and support your arguments.


You have to ask yourself all sorts of question about what you are writing. You have to create a mind map to study the topic and stretch yourself beyond your knowledge. Once you have enough questions and pointers to create a persuasive argument, it’s time to research and find the answers.

Build the Body

You have the outline and arguments, its time you put some real mass into the essay. Yes, start putting muscles on the skeleton you created before.  Use every note you found during your research. But make sure you plan each argument before you start writing.

If you are unable to do, you can simply buy essay from the internet.

Leave the Introduction for Last

Starting with the introduction is a recipe for disaster. You won’t know what to add because you don’t have a content to introduce. Yes, you have no argument to speak of, so what will you put in your brief.

An embodiment of Your Thoughts

The essay has to embody your thoughts or else you will be failed. Every paragraph has to offer a different insight into the topical sentence. They should support your topic and argument but more important; they need to provide concrete evidence. There should be reasoning in your research.


You have made your points, now its time to wrap up your piece with a summary which minds your arguments one last time. You can choose different approaches to end the conversation like a thought, quotation or a call to action.

Do it properly and make sure it’s relevant to the topic. Your readers will love it.

Start the Intro

Once you have taken care of everything, its time you start writing the intro paragraph. The point is, you have all the arguments and closing statements. This will help you craft a better brief for the audience and let them know what they should expect.

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