How to Celebrate National Chocolate Week

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Our favourite week of the year is almost here. Yep, that’s right – National Chocolate Week is just around the corner! From the 14th to the 20th October 2019, we’ll be celebrating all things cocoa and if you’re a fellow chocolate-lover (I mean, who isn’t?!), we’ve thought of a few ways you can join us in acknowledging our favourite confectionery:

Get Prepared for a Chocolate-Filled Week

Of course, the first thing to do in the run up to National Chocolate Week is to stock up! Make sure you have all your favourite sweet treats to enjoy throughout the week. You could even bake some sweet delights to bring into work – because who doesn’t want a homemade chocolate brownie during a tea break?!

If you want to spread the joy even further and you’re feeling generous, you could always gift your loved ones with some delicious chocolate hampers to give them a special pick-me-up for the week. We guarantee that it will put a smile on their faces!

Find Some Chocolate Themed Events

If ever there was a perfect time to go on a chocolate-related tour, it’d definitely be during National Chocolate Week! If you’re up north, head to York’s Chocolate Story where you can indulge in some sweet treats and learn how to make your own confectionery, as well as finding out a thing or two about the city’s rich history with chocolate. Don’t worry if you’re not based up north though as it’s open all year round so you can visit whenever you get a chocolate craving!

For those of you based in the capital, there’s a wealth of artisan chocolatiers and cafes to visit in London. Sample some fresh truffles in Dalston, try out some weird and wonderful flavours in Peckham or channel your inner Charlie Bucket at Roald Dahl’s favourite spot in Ealing called Prestat.

Book onto a Masterclass

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own chocolate, this is the ideal time to explore your curiosity by attending a chocolate masterclass. A chocolate-themed workshop is perfect for a party, a work event or hen do – and even better if it happens to fall on National Chocolate week! There’s plenty of great packages to choose from that are hosted by professional chocolatiers, like those from My Chocolate for example, and it’s a great way to bond over a shared love of chocolate.

With all these fun chocolate-themed activities to enjoy, we hope your taste buds are tingling and you’re looking forward to the week just as much as we are. We’re already counting down the days until next year and thinking of all the ways we can make National Chocolate Week 2020 even bigger and even more chocolatey. See you next year!

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